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Rotate animation about axis

Is it possible to rotate lets say an analog needle animation about an axis so that it then rotates in the new plane?

I tried to rotate a needle about 10 degree (and even reset the origins rotation in another try), but as soon as I start the animation, it jumps right back to its old plane of rotation.

Alternative would be the PITA to delete all animations and redo them after I rotated my needles.

I guess it has to do with local and global mode. Any ideas?



Resource contributor

You could follow two approaches, mainly:

1) Add an empty in the origin of the needle and assign it as the parent of the needle. Then, just transform the empty into any position/rotation and the needle still follows the correct animation.
2) Redo every keyframe in the animation. Just type in the Rotation textbox (N-tab) the correct axis rotations and hit I -> Rotation. Do this for every keyframe.

Method 1 is preferred, especially for difficult oriëntations.
Thanks @Dutcheeseblend! Method 1 sounds feasible; parent all the needles by an empty, rotate it and unparent/delete it afterwards again. I'll try that on the weekend.

Method 2 is one of those lengthy ones I want to avoid.

Method 1 works as long as you have a parent for the needles (empty) and rotate this. When you unparent after the rotation, the animations will flip back to their original plane of rotation.
So it will be method 2...
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