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  1. FrancisJohannes

    Blender Best way to stretch cable on landing gears?

    Hi guys, in blender, what is the best way to stretch hydraulic cables on landing gears? What procedure do you guys use? Thank you
  2. FrancisJohannes

    Blender Entering Keyframe full menu options appears

    Hi Guys, I get this menu option everytime I press in to capture a pose keyframe. Normally this didn't happen before. And a brand new keyframe animation channel opens up. Can anyone help me? I'm working with bones/armatures.
  3. A

    MSFS Random animation start

    Hello guys! I have some troubles with an 3d human model, which I place multiple instances in the sim and their animation is synchronized, even if in the .xml I've put Autoplay, Random. The object itself has 4 LOD and only LOD0 has animation. I need to mention the fact that if I remove LOD's...
  4. Rick Celik

    MSFS 3dsMax Animation Workflow

    Hi all, Just wondering what the general workflow would be in regards to animation and 3dsmax. I'm stuck on a few issues, I create my character in external software, import into Mixamo to get animations and then back into 3dsmax. However when I combine the mesh of the "human" to make it one...
  5. Cam1McH

    Mirroring Object In 3ds Max

    Hi, I have been trying to mirror my landing gear and animation for the last couple of days but are having no luck at all, when mirroring in transform mode everything looks normal inside 3ds max but when in the game the gear will appear upside down. if I mirror in geometry mode the animation...
  6. Photosbykev

    simObject controlled with a Scenarii xml not snapping to ground reliably

    Good morning folks hopefully someone will be able to point out my error causing this issue. I have an animated horse with two animations in it. One an idle animation and the second one is the horse walking/trotting away. The Scenarii script contains a proximity trigger so that the simObject...
  7. WorldSky

    MSFS Animation from MCX Not Working in MSFS2020

    Hi, I have a problem when using animation on an object for MSFS2020. I created the animation in 3dsmax and exported it to modelconverterx and then exported it to MSFS2020. When in Modelconverterx, the animation is detected and runs smoothly, but when tested in MSFS2020, the animation does not...
  8. Samuel Ferreira

    FS2004 Textron Citation M2 - AI

    I'm developing a C25M for AI, I find some problems with animations not working, it's my mistake but anyone who wants to help in this project I'm grateful. There are several things for me to correct, it's my first aircraft and I started it not too long ago. The animation of the landing gear is...
  9. W

    P3D v5 How to use data to drive an airplane's animation?

    Hello, I am new to aircraft design. I would like to know how to drive the animation of the plane with data. Specifically, I need to control the speed of many propellers, I added new prop_slow in Modeldef.xml file, These animations work just fine in ModelConverterX. I edited the Modeldef.xml in...
  10. D

    MSFS "Separate" animation not exported.

    I am creating a character attached to armature and animating the armature in pose mode, then I transform the animations to NLA and export to MSFS, this works perfectly. But now I want to create an animation to one of the objects that are part of the character, but this animation is direct to...
  11. K

    MSFS SimObject animation does not work well

    I used the SimObject animation posted on Youtube as a reference, but it did not work well. Please see the XML code I pasted and the Blender image. Are there any flaws in this code or blender? Please comment if you have any other images or codes you need. <?xml version="1.0" ?>...
  12. E

    MSFS Common problem with rotating knobs

    Hello experts, I am not an expert in virtual cockpit animations and I am facing a problem that I believe is very common: I created an animation for a rotating knob that controls a local variable that varies from 0 to 359 degrees, and like the HEADING or COURSE knob in many cockpits, it can turn...
  13. Photosbykev

    Triggering an animation based the local time of Dusk + a time offset

    Hi Folks, I'm using a simple conditional statement to trigger a fireworks display between 18:30 and 20:00 local time in Alaska. <UseTemplate Name="Asobo_GT_Update" > <FREQUENCY>0.2</FREQUENCY> <UPDATE_CODE> (E:LOCAL TIME, hour) 18.50 &gt...
  14. W

    P3D v5 I can't set value to PROP ROTATION ANGLE variable...

    Hello, I am adding a propeller rotation animation to a self-made helicopter model. I have linked the animation frame to the PROP ROTATION ANGLE variable. I want to control the propeller animation through the variable value of PROP ROTATION ANGLE. I use the SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject function...
  15. Photosbykev

    We're going to Mars

    Testing animation timing for some 'Mars' scenery
  16. R

    MSFS Play Full Animation in Model Behaviours

    I have a number of animations that are long (500+ key frames) and I want the animation to play to the end before carrying on Looking through the SDK documentation I cannot see anything that would say - play the full animation I suppose I could create an IF statement with timer that adds 1 per...
  17. S

    Help with a new custom animation

    Hi everyone, my name is Juan, I'm from Argentina this world all new to me and all your post help so much with a proyect and I think is 75% complete in terms of i need, I desing a A-4AR, a modified version of de A-4M. I managed to do all the animation, make textures (not me, but a I do all de...
  18. V

    Tips to make the animation the stick

    I'm trying to animate the stick of an aircraft, I wanted some help because I have to make two movements at different points, I need it to move on the X axis back and forth (I got this), the problem is that I need to the top part of the stick moves on the Y axis to the left and to the right and...
  19. Photosbykev

    Randomising the timing to start an animation

    Hi, I've got a short simple animation around 10 seconds that I would like trigger after a random time interval every 5-10 minutes or even longer. Is it possible with code in the xml to do something like this or isn't it possible at the moment? regards Kev
  20. G

    MSFS Change Animationspeed

    Hi to all, I am new in building aircraft, and not to good in blender, but I try to build an good, old gliderplane, the K7. Iam now working on the Canopy-Animation. I did the animation with the trigger of the spoilers, because I don know, how the Canopy-variable of msfs works ... My problem...