1. Kirill Konovalov

    P3D v4 No export of the animation.

    Hello everyone! I think it's the first time I talk to you.(maybe not, but it was a lo-ong time ago) I usually prefer to read and listen. But recently I had an issue that I can't solve on my own and I did not find the solution. I have no animation in sim after compilation. No matter how...
  2. B

    FSX:SE Animation working in MCX but not in FSX?

    Hi all, I've been working on adding animations to the fsx default 747-400 VC model. I do this by adding code straight into the .x and .xanim files (I don't use any 3D software. I'm a sucker for punishment). I frequently backup 'versions' of my .x and .xanim files when I work on a project, just...
  3. D

    3DS Max 3ds Buddy Buddy animation issue

    I'm having a really though time animating this object I want those little "blades" to spin 360°. As you can see I set 4 keyframes to have a complete 360° spin. The animation manager looks like this Then I export Test.x and 3ds generates Test.xanim Import in mcx Test.x and I get these errors...
  4. Itay Dorfman

    Animation cant be done properly in blender

    Just watch this video from 1:01:00 and you will understand. The rotation is working propaly.
  5. M

    P3D v4 Rabbit light animation

    Hi, I've been trying to animate the rabbit light in the last days. I run into some problems after exporting. The light doesn't follow what I set up in 3dsmax. My animation is step and works well in 3dsmax and mcx. This is what I've receive in the sim: And this is what I've got in 3dsmax...
  6. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Character animation in Prepar3Dv4

    Hello, i just wanted to take the opportunity and show you what is currently possible in the subject of character animation in the P3Dv4. On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween, I have created a small dance choreography at the castle Frankenstein from FTX Germany South. In the video you can...
  7. Albi

    Gmax animation problem (Solved)

    I created a loop animation line in gmax for a bus to follow, it animates fine but when I click Trajectory collapse, the bus snaps to origin/center and moves over there. 0,0 position. Any idea how to solve?
  8. G

    Blender animations with bones problem with FSX

    Hi, I have a link problem between animations (one using bones and another one without bones) for the export to FSX. Everything works correctly under Blender but it's completely erratic under FSX. The export of the animation with bones alone works properly but once bound nothing goes anymore...
  9. H

    Create smoke animation

    I'm looking into making a new smoke animation. It would be a delta wing swirl and what programs allow me to animate this? thanks, Harvey
  10. Michael21

    Problem with simple animation. Bones are moving ok, but mesh (skin) goes crazy.

    Hi guys! Here is the video. That will tell you everything. What i am doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any suggestion.
  11. Ronald

    Tutorial - How to Make an Animated Flag in Blender

    I found a nice tutorial on on how to create an animated flag in Blender: - Enjoy it
  12. tsgucci

    FSX Jetway 3DS Max Sample file (animated, bones)

    Hi Guys! Does somebody have an animated working example jetway file in 3DS max file? I'm trying to animate our LHBP scenery jetways. I did everything like in the tutorial video on wiki. I could import the object to the FSX but it does not move. I would compare with a working example file...
  13. Deano1973

    P3D v4 Dumb question about nosewheel compression animation

    Hi all, Excuse the daft question, I normally find a solution to problems here in prior threads but I think this time I'm chasing my tail because I have missed something simple. I know that C_Gear is used for both undercarriage retraction ( first 100 frames ) and compression ( second 100 frames...
  14. bigglesworth

    Blender: animation question

    Hi. I've used FSDS for years, but decided to try Blender recently. Everything is going well (I like it a lot) but I'm stuck at getting animations along an oblique angle to work, like the aileron in the screenshot. In FSDS I could easy move the axis to the desired spot along the forward edge, and...
  15. E

    Gmax Export Error

    hey, i was trying to export animated models from gmax, but this time somehow it didnt work and pops an error, anyone can help? thx
  16. H01VE

    skin and bones

    hi mates! Exporting skin and bones simple tests as the Mcx videos (fsx) , bones appear and move on the MCX but mesh keeps still, exporting X, i checked export animations, checked skin… it looked like it was simple am i missing something here?
  17. Jetman

    3dsMax "Populate" function for FSX/P3D

    Hello, does anyone of you know if the 3dsMax populate tool for animated people flows and people animation can be used for FSX/P3D? And if yes: How do I have to tag these animations? I have not seen anything about it so far... Thanks in advance! Have a nice weekend!
  18. spotlope

    Blender animation problem

    I've been doing some testing and research today, and it seems that I'm not completely crazy - there is definitely a problem with how Blender is exporting bone animations. I made a simple test file that uses 3 bones to animate a simple 4-sided column with 6 segments. It wags back and forth...
  19. S

    Hangar door Animation

    Good evening developers, this is my first post and first job! I'm creating the airfields in 3DStudio of my club, I would like to know if you can animate the hangar doors. Create animation 3DStudio is simple, but for the simulator there is a particular procedure? I read the CAT tool but it is...
  20. Deano1973

    MCX animations keyframe error SOLVED!

    Hi folks, hope that somebody can help, I'm converting an old FS9 freeware model ( HJG Boeing 707 E-3 AWACS ) to work in FSX and have followed an excellent tutorial to convert several types before now, but this one's got a bug I cannot solve. The issue I have is that when importing into MCX the...