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  1. G

    MSFS Change Animationspeed

    Hi to all, I am new in building aircraft, and not to good in blender, but I try to build an good, old gliderplane, the K7. Iam now working on the Canopy-Animation. I did the animation with the trigger of the spoilers, because I don know, how the Canopy-variable of msfs works ... My problem...
  2. Christian Bahr

    3d Character, female 1.00

    A female 3-D person with animation ready for export for FS2020/MSFS. The source files include a 3dsm file, a blender and an FBX file. It contains PBR textures in Tiff format.
  3. pyreegue

    MSFS Assign animation to play on a specific date

    Hi there guys. Currently creating an airport and wondering whether there is a way to make an animation play on a specific date. Thanks
  4. peacefarm

    MSFS Introduction to Animations

    Hi all, I'm interested in doing some pretty basic animations, but have never done any for any application and wondering if anyone would show me where I could start. I would be using Blender as I'm comfortable with it. Would watching basic blender animation videos be the place to start? If so...
  5. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Animated Ground Traffic - PathFollow Animation Object

    Hi! I am currently in the process of creating animated ground traffic for the Dortmund Airport project. Something occurred to me and I asked myself whether it was recently possible to use the MSFS SDK to program ground vehicles so that they collide with other objects. And so I then placed an...
  6. RomanDesign

    Blender Quest for Animated People - distorted animation in MSFS

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to create animated person in MSFS. I would really appreciate any advice. Here's what I did: 1. I created a human figure in Make Human and exported to Mixamo website, where I rigged motion capture to it. So far - so good: I then downloaded FBX and imported to...
  7. T

    Assigning animation types for fs2004 aircraft

    Hi, I'm trying to convert an aircraft from FS2004 simulator to P3D v4.5 . But That aircraft uses default fs2004 animations such as C_gear. So modelconverterx highlights them red and remove them when exporting causing problems. So I want to assign an animation type for each of that unsupported...
  8. Mikea.at

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    HowTo do a cloth animation baked to bones exported to msfs: Start with a cylinder and add some segments Add a armature in the middle of the cylinder and place the tips of each bone at one segment. There has to be one bone at the beginning of the cylinder. Add a vertex group for every...
  9. RomanDesign

    MSFS Triggering Hangar door animation in SimObject by distance?

    I'm trying to figure out how to trigger hangar door animation based on distance. The idea is to play the opening animation once when inside or close to the hangar, and play the closing animation when farther away. I was able to create a normal animation with scenery objects, and a flag waving in...
  10. BfDelight

    Triggered Animation?

    Dear Community, I have realized an animated Object in Blender and transfered it successfully into MSFS, everything works and the animation is displayed (with type="Standard" typeParam="Autoplay"). Now I would like to make that animation work ONLY depending on A) system time or B) drone distance...
  11. SleeveValve

    MSFS Propeller Animation in Blender

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble animating a propeller in Blender. I've successfully animated all of my control surfaces (tested in sim), and tried the same approach to animating the blurred propeller, using the Cessna 152's .xml file as my template. Unlike the control surface animations, the...
  12. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Simple Animation

    Hi! I am currently in the process of adding some of my models to the MFS and that has worked quite well so far. Mostly they are static models without animation, such as the large halls, plants, the tower, etc. But at one point I just get stuck. It's about objects that have animation. Even...
  13. Kirill Konovalov

    P3D v4 No export of the animation.

    Hello everyone! I think it's the first time I talk to you.(maybe not, but it was a lo-ong time ago) I usually prefer to read and listen. But recently I had an issue that I can't solve on my own and I did not find the solution. I have no animation in sim after compilation. No matter how...
  14. B

    FSX:SE Animation working in MCX but not in FSX?

    Hi all, I've been working on adding animations to the fsx default 747-400 VC model. I do this by adding code straight into the .x and .xanim files (I don't use any 3D software. I'm a sucker for punishment). I frequently backup 'versions' of my .x and .xanim files when I work on a project, just...
  15. D

    3DS Max 3ds Buddy Buddy animation issue

    I'm having a really though time animating this object I want those little "blades" to spin 360°. As you can see I set 4 keyframes to have a complete 360° spin. The animation manager looks like this Then I export Test.x and 3ds generates Test.xanim Import in mcx Test.x and I get these errors...
  16. Itay Dor

    Animation cant be done properly in blender

    Just watch this video from 1:01:00 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/351844273 and you will understand. The rotation is working propaly.
  17. M

    P3D v4 Rabbit light animation

    Hi, I've been trying to animate the rabbit light in the last days. I run into some problems after exporting. The light doesn't follow what I set up in 3dsmax. My animation is step and works well in 3dsmax and mcx. This is what I've receive in the sim: And this is what I've got in 3dsmax...
  18. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Character animation in Prepar3Dv4

    Hello, i just wanted to take the opportunity and show you what is currently possible in the subject of character animation in the P3Dv4. On the occasion of the upcoming Halloween, I have created a small dance choreography at the castle Frankenstein from FTX Germany South. In the video you can...
  19. Albi

    Gmax animation problem (Solved)

    I created a loop animation line in gmax for a bus to follow, it animates fine but when I click Trajectory collapse, the bus snaps to origin/center and moves over there. 0,0 position. Any idea how to solve?
  20. G

    Blender animations with bones problem with FSX

    Hi, I have a link problem between animations (one using bones and another one without bones) for the export to FSX. Everything works correctly under Blender but it's completely erratic under FSX. The export of the animation with bones alone works properly but once bound nothing goes anymore...