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MSFS rotating beacon light tower

All xml files are loaded when the BGL file of your airport xml file is created. In the project definitions folder is the directory where the source of the bgl is located. So put it in the same driectory of your airport xml file.


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You need to make a package and then compile with either the DevMode or the fspackagetool.


  • RotatingBeacon Example.zip
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Hi Dick:

Thanks again for posting another worked example at c59. :)

I was able to open the project source XML in MSFS SDK DevMode, Build All, then copy the compiled Package to Community folder.

At run time in MSFS, when slewing North bound from c59 RWY 36 start position, to the Right (East) of the taxiway, I see:

* A White (only) flashing light Face on the ground.

Note: I do NOT see an alternate Face washed-out Green halo surrounding the White flashing light on the ground.

* A White flashing light on the Icosahedron, with IIUC, 3 other flash patterns (is 1 supposed to alternate as a solid Green ?)

Note: I DO see a washed-out Green halo surrounding the Icosahedron White light (...when it is supposed to be solid Green ?).

Adjacent to c59's "FBO" building at RWY 36 start / offshore at Lake Lawn, is the previously cited default MSFS (flashing) beacon.

FYI: That previously cited default MSFS (flashing) beacon object displays (only) a White light 'Face' alternating with another Face.

The 'alternate Face' is a washed-out Green halo surrounding that MSFS (flashing) beacon's White light 'Face'

As always, I DO see plenty of solid Green reflections on the adjacent beacon tower, and on my user aircraft nearby. :rolleyes:

Does MSFS' DirectX rendering engine use not compensate for Windows 10 HDR mode, thus Green 3D Faces = 'washed out' ? o_O

Unfortunately, I do not (yet ?) see the 'legacy' rotating civilian airport beacon placed at / near C59 in MSFS at run time.

Was that 'legacy' rotating civilian airport beacon intended to be displayed via the worked example(s) attached above ? :oops:

I hope there's way we can eventually place- and display at run time- in MSFS, the 'legacy' rotating civilian airport beacon. :scratchch

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Yes I know it's not rotating BUT...
So I used Blender to create a simple square box (but you could select ANY standard MSFS scenery object - say a car and not use Blender). I added the box to MSFS and turned on the option "Has Beacon". I then "buried" the box (turned off snap to ground) 11 meters under the control tower so that the light appears at the exact position I require on top. The end result is you only see the light and no actual device handling it but really, unless you're on the roof or looking through the man-hole, why would you need to? The ONLY limitation is MSFS viewing distance which I assume one day, will be looked at and it doesn't rotate but flashes.
I looked at creating a rotating beacon (as per Flying Theson's
) but there's so much light bleed that does not appear to be able to be removed. My POI Lighthouses do suffer from this as they use that technique. The video doesn't have this and looks OK but when transitioning to MSFS it's there. Maybe it's the versions of Blender

It’s in the FS-Base ModelLib and appears in Dev mode and in ADE as Rhumbaflappy shows


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Easily done in the DevMode... I don't think it can be done in the ADE. And it might not show in the DevMode,
Correct - ADE does not currently support attached elements but it is on the list