Settings VOR to Heading; Command String?

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Going through the Events trying to figure out how to command 'Lock VOR to forward/heading'

For Heading lock to forward, its (A:pLANE HEADING DEGREES MAGNETIC, degrees) (>K:HEADING_BUG_SET)

How might one command VOR setting to come to heading? Or can that be done?

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Except VOR bearings are 180 from heading... assuming you want to indicate a TO condition. Also, if you're setting the VOR OBS to match current heading... that doesn't mean you're flying that radial at all.


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(A:NAV RADIAL, degrees) is the current radial your plane is on. If you use that to set the OBS using the commands posted above, you should head right for the VOR. There is also a variable (A:NAV RADIAL ERROR, degrees) that would monitor the error between the current radial your plane is on vs the OBS setting.

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Got it working. The one being used for 'set HDG to active is all I needed. Works with NAV1 also.

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That would be truly useful only if the aircraft is pointed directly at the VOR at the time it was activated? If not, it could put you on a VOR radial not even close to your current position.