P3D v4 SH Malta Complete - RELEASED

Update 02.02.2020

Today we have the announced video of the Malta release. It consists of two parts. The first part shows the numerous airport features in active operation.

The second part will be available online in the next days and will present the island from the perspective of helicopters and seaplanes.

Please note that for the demonstration of the features all options are set to full and that this brings a natural corresponding load.

I wish you much fun watching



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I ask this in all seriousness; will you be putting a 'Donate' button on the download page? I said that I'd quite happily pay for scenry like this and I'd like to put my money where my mouth is.
I ask this in all seriousness; will you be putting a 'Donate' button on the download page? I said that I'd quite happily pay for scenry like this and I'd like to put my money where my mouth is.
On my website, and in the forum in the sidebar you can find donation buttons. The download itself does not have a donation button, because donations are not a requirement for using it. It is voluntary
The next...

Today follows the second part of my Malta Impressions.
It shows you the islands, as well as the AI ,which we provide for seaplanes and helicopter traffic. You get the biggest Malta Addon ever for the Flight Simulator.
More than 1500 hours of work and much more passion for the hobby.

I count on you, visit simmershome.de

Dear friends and Simmer colleagues,

We are finished with everything in the team, so there is no reason to wait with the release. So it goes online.

After 14 months development time and far more than 1500 working hours, a lot of "up and down" with
obstacles that had to be mastered, I am proud and happy to present you this scenery
completely as freeware.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most extensive Malta implementation ever for the
Flight Simulator has appeared. Within the bounds of my abilities, I have made every effort to create
to produce largely real and high quality implementation.

Please note: this scenery contains so much content that the whole islands can be seen as one big
airport. Nevertheless it remains airworthy

DOWNLOAD IN THE FORUM ( Membership needed)

Zur Webseite


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Hello Rainier

Donation made as promised.


[Edit] Only problem is, I don't read German so I'm having a bit of a problem trying to create an account! :rotfl:
Hi Rainer,

Congratulations on your efforts and for the release of Malta.

I previously had an account with Simmershome, and have downloaded many times in the past, but for some reason my account is no longer active. It does not recognise even my email address?
Please create an account here (scroll down to accept rules "akzeptieren")

after wait for registration mail and click the activation link inside

your account is activated now

login to the forum , read here and fill out your data once

then you get full access for every times to filebase
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There is an update for Gozo LMMG in the filebase on the Malta download page. It improves the heliport ground and has some additional objects. Please download and install after ReadMe. The update requires the main version. A new download of the addon is not necessary
Version 1.1 of Malta is now available for download.

For users of version 1.0 there is a cumulative patch in the filbase, so no new download is necessary.


- Papi Fix on the RW 13/31

- Gozo Groundpoly and objects extended

- AI on arrival in LMML is now fully available

- other minor fixes and changes

Installation of a new localizer RWY 13/31, which Pavel Movzer has provided free of charge.

Please have a look at his excellent Scenery Kosice.

Have fun in Malta
Malta complete is a single success story.

Within a few days the 1000 download limit in the forum was crossed:) (...and I had 3TB traffic:oops:) In addition to that, there are extra links that I have granted online pilots.

Many thanks also to all users, who have contributed helpful hints, which could already be considered in the first updates.

Many thanks also to the donators.

It is an incentive for me to deliver high quality sceneries as freeware also in the future