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P3D v4 SH Malta Complete - RELEASED

Once things go well, everything will work out. The south of Apron 9 is now finished.

Tomorrow I'll add the night textures.
Then it can go back into the beta test and I can calmly turn to the last building - the terminal :cool:

Picture 1


Picture 2

Today I give in to the night lighting and give a little insight into the airport lighting, which is dynamic.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, because there is probably nothing new from me to see before that.
Merry christmas a happy new year 2020 .... but unfortunately no Malta from Simmershome yet

Dear friends,

Christmas time is Christmas time for me, too, and I'm going to them now. I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas with many gifts and a family that is in the foreground. Come healthy, lively and successful into the new year 2020.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite achieve my own goal in Malta, but quality and completeness go before premature release.
This project was actually too big for a single person and without my friend and beta tester @holi51, who kept me up and down, I probably wouldn't be as far as I am now.

If you find Christmas a little bit quiet, you can have a look at the following videos again, which show the effort and the size of the project. And yes, I am proud to show you this at all.

I have read many counter-announcements and disparagements in that one year, but that never keeps me from following the right path to the end. So also in this case. But I also got a lot of support from other developers and users, for which I thank you very much.

After the videos of course still numerous user desires were considered, but there are then in the video to the release

Video 1 - Malta Impressions of the Photozenerie (Malta , Gozo, Comino)

Video 2 -Malta POI Parade... what would Malta be without many important POIs?

Video 3 - Simmershome Living Airport in collaboration with SimWorks Studios, which has perfected Holi. First Test

Video 4 - The animations in Malta

You can always follow the ongoing development openly here in my Supportforum ,
but also at the VFR Flightsimmern, at the Swiss colleagues and internationally here at the FS Developers.

In this respect, I think that most people understand what the scope of work is in the whole thing.

And no, I don't commit myself anymore, when the release is there, it's suddenly there.

As already written Malta is unfortunately not yet finished. But today I can show you the great work of @holi51.

The Heli Al and the Water Al.

All you see is ingame, live and unedited (except for the editing).
Furthermore everything you can see in the video is also included in the scenery. All permissions are present. In this case we would also like to thank Serghij Bunevich for providing us with the models, which we could adapt for Prepar3D v4. Only Airliner AI you have to bring along by yourself. But every Apron has at least one moving scene, which is also included. It is nowhere empty or boring.
Nice party and have fun watching!

Today there is now the (almost) finished Apron 9 including terminal. There are still some signs missing and I will add the night lighting and some more pictures within the next days.
As soon as this is finished, I will start the beta test. The airport and the islands are now complete with regard to the buildings.

The accessories design begins, furthermore the manuals and the airport video have to be created.
The airport requires SODE and will be released as xml-addon. The user only has to make an entry in the Add-ons.cfg. The installation location is free.

All visible traffic is SH Living Airport, so it is dynamic. Thank you Holi51 . The free user ddl from Simworks Studios , with whom we cooperate , to download. How this is integrated is in the manual. I bought animated 3D-Peobles for you, which you can find everywhere and thanks to another cooperation with ImagineSim I can legally offer you enough animated vehicles for free. Additionally there are a lot of airplanes and helicopters, which are released by Serghij Bunevich for use in this Malta Addon.

Not to forget the ships of Manfred Siedler. ( Simdocks.de )

As already reported, Aerosoft had withdrawn the already granted permission to use the software at the request of a German freeware developer. But this did not harm the project, because we could easily do without it. One can also harm oneself.

At every place of the airport there is real life and everything I show you (except AI Airliner) is also included in the addon.
Every apron has its own scene, so that it is nowhere empty.

And yes it took more than a year, but I'm looking forward to the final result, that I can provide you as always for free. Now it's slowly but surely coming into sight.

Picture 1 Apron 9 Frontside Overview


Picture 2 Apron 9 Backside Overview


Picture 3 PBR Rain Groundlayer (automatically according to weather conditions)


Picture 4 Left Side Terminal


Pichture 5 Right Side Terminal near with Traffic SH Living Airport (Baggage)


Picture 6 Backside Terminal


All Pictures live and ingame
When night falls in Malta it looks like this below. Parking lots and lighting are of course still missing and will be built in the next days.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


PIchture 4


Picture 5


Picture 6


Picture 7


Picture 8


Picture 9


Picture 10

The rear section is now extended.

- The pedestrian bridge was built
- The advertising pillars are inserted
- The parking toll booth stand
- The bus stop was retrofitted
- Footpaths were built and equipped with bollards that shine at night
- Living Airport stops you at the bus stop, stops there and then continues the round
- Living Airport drives car patrol on parking lot
- The fountain has a new fountain where the water falls back into the well

Picture Day


Picture Night

After more than 1500 hours of hobby work, where I learned a lot, I show you today the last pictures before the release.

The whole island was still decorated with static ships. And Gozo got some "accessories" so it doesn't look so naked.

I'm happy to release a project for you, which is much more extensive than BER, and where I tried to think of everything and create in good quality.
But before it is so far, I have to do extensive beta-tests, the manuals have to be written and understood and the video for the project has to be created.

If it is there, it is there.

Here are the pictures

Freeport Day


Freeport "working at night"


Cityport Day


Citipyort Sunset


Gozo Heliport


See you later...
Today , 01/22/2020 the Malta website goes online. A clear sign that the release is approaching!

The manuals will be published in advance and are freely accessible. So that you don't have to scroll endlessly, this time they are content related. We are still working on it and will put them online in stages. Just visit this page and you will always be up to date.

I'll shorten your waiting time with visual content that you haven't seen before.
First of all there are the picture highlights in highest quality as animated video.

The pictures have highest details and do not shy away from the proximity to the objects. You will get a malta scenery that has never been seen before. And all this is freeware.

And for all that is not enough, I'll add a shovel, even in 4K. But be careful for 4K you need a 50 Mbit line, otherwise you won't get any joy

...and in 4K UHD

Sharper does not work!

Of course there will be a moving flight video before the release!
Thank you, that was more than a year of hard work. I often built some things several times until I and the beta testers liked it.

As a developer you always show the best pictures. In the meantime the first user pictures from the last beta test are available

Here to see