What started out as a simple add-on for myself turned into a multi-year project to see if I could create scenery the way I like it… not perfection but immersion. So after a year of concept, 1 ½ years of learning how to code and throw in a few years of scenery work for good measure and well, here’s some results. Designed for P3Dv4 but I am sure it will convert to other platforms. I’ve been flying in it for about year and still haven’t tired of it so maybe others would enjoy it too. A few development shots…

San Diego, California. Being my home town I had to give it some extra luving so I added an option to add all of San Diego with UHD .30m photreal texture.

Way up the coast of California (200 miles?), is beautiful seaside Santa Barabara.

Same shot but at night:

Big Bear, California at winter. Lighted ski slopes must mean there's a bit of night skiing goin' on there. :p

The goal was to a have a base package immersive enough to enjoy on its own but allow easy insertion of your favorite 3rd party add-on. Here’s Ontario, California International Airport with the default airport.

And the same shot after I dropped in Shez’s wonderful rendition of Ontario Intl. A great rush of immersion zipping by when I am on short final with a tubeliner.

Even smaller towns have their own character - Yuma, Arizona

Musta done dozens of small towns do far. Here’s the little farming town of Holt, California. When I fly low-n-slow I like things different around every valley, every bend. Keeps things interesting to explore.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - even out in the desert we got some snow on the Sandia Mountains.

Well you get the idea. Thanks for looking.



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Meh, can almost see the one way, slight uphill access road for Ontario that I once had to bump start my Triumph (automobile) on...went to school right there in Pomona.

Others might enjoy it, I didn't see the link.
"Others might enjoy it, I didn't see the link."

No link yet, still under deveopment. Then the beta team, then a website, then a distributer.... yikes and I thought I was nearly done! :eek: