1. Minivation

    P3D v4 Resolved: Resample.exe "Pixel width and height must be greater than zero"

    Hi, After hours of trying to solve the problem, I'm stumped. When I try to compile some photoscenery with resample.exe, the compiler throws an error as follows D:\Backup 20200516\Prepar3D Projects\Scenery - Norfolk Intl Photoreal>"resample.exe" "KORF_PS_2.inf" Lockheed Martin(R) api_strings...
  2. Clutch Cargo


    What started out as a simple add-on for myself turned into a multi-year project to see if I could create scenery the way I like it… not perfection but immersion. So after a year of concept, 1 ½ years of learning how to code and throw in a few years of scenery work for good measure and well...
  3. christopherbritton

    P3D v4 Photoreal Blendmasks no longer transition smoothly.

    I've had this issue since day 1 of owning P3Dv4. Is this an issue with P3Dv4 itself (as a software) or could this be some sort of incompatibility? I'm surprised I haven't seen more posts on this issue, however it would make since if it's only an issue on my end.. The Blendmask is an 8bit...
  4. HugoPiugo

    Dark Textures during dawn and sunset

    Hi, I used 1024x1024px textures to create a photoreal polygon to get the highest quality as possible near the runway. Underneath I've created a photoreal with Sbuilder, with the resample process. Everything is great, except when the sunrise or sunset time approaches. The 1024px textures get...
  5. christopherbritton

    SBuilderX Cleanup 1.11

    SBuilderX Cleanup is a simple batch file that I created to clean up the unnecessary files and folders that SBuilderX stores on your computer after using the tile server. This is a very powerful tool if you have limited drive space. Installation Place batch script inside of your SBuilderX...
  6. peacefarm

    Ortho + Autogen

    Hello everyone, I'm curious as to if there is a way to add auto-gen to ortho scenery? I'm looking to cover large areas using SbuilderX. Currently using P3D v3.4 with Orbx Global, Vector, LC. It would truly be wonderful if I could substitute the Orbx ground textures with ortho, but leave the...
  7. 4YouToFly

    Terrain doesn't match Photoreal

    Hey Guys, I'm making a photoreal for Dauphin Island, but after placing the Blendmask, the terrain is not matching with the aerial image. How can I solve it? Thanks a lot!
  8. 4YouToFly

    Aerial Image Problem - Black Edges WGS84

    Hey guys! I'm trying to make a Photoreal scenery. As I've got the aerial images from USGS TNM I used the Resample Tool, converting the JPG2000 to WGS84 projection, but in the Simulator there is those black areas from the image after the reprojecting it. How can I fix it!? Thank you and...
  9. christopherbritton

    Overlapping imagery tiles in a single BGL?

    I have downloaded some high resolution imagery tiles from USGS for an island. This island runs from SW to NE, so the imagery within the tiles isn't perfectly square. (Cut into wedges and overlayed to make a clean fit) This means, when I combine these 90 something odd tiles into just 7 images...
  10. B

    Multiple texture photoreal ground poly?

    Hi Everyone, I wonder if someone could help guide me in the right direction for this. I am looking to make a photorealistic ground poly for my airport background but I would like my satellite textures to be split up in 1024x1024 textures so they are smaller and easier to work with and can...
  11. B

    Photo-real seasonal textures problem - Resample

    Hello, I am having a hard time making my scenery to show up. Since I have added seasonal textures, my scenery do not longer show up in-sim. This is my .inf code for Resample: [Source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 6 [Source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile =...
  12. B

    Photoreal Scenery Quality

    Hello, I was wondering if somebody could give me some advice. I am working on a project in South Africa and have managed to find a relatively detail Background photo for the scenery and before I resample it the photo looks quite good and detailed but in fsx the photo is quite a lot more blurry...
  13. TheAri

    FSX HD Runways, Taxiway ect.

    Hey, I'm currently working on a Scenery for Auckland Airport and i've been wanning to ask, how you all get that good resoluted oictures for Runways ect. Greedings :)
  14. Sidhant Vaidya

    Creating Photoreal.

    Hi Guys, I have a couple of problems I'd like to solve. Suppose I want to only create PR for the areas inside the outlined PR, how do I proceed? Do I mask it with white/black? or Transparent Alpha? I'd really like some help here.! Thanks!