Ortho + Autogen

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I'm curious as to if there is a way to add auto-gen to ortho scenery? I'm looking to cover large areas using SbuilderX. Currently using P3D v3.4 with Orbx Global, Vector, LC. It would truly be wonderful if I could substitute the Orbx ground textures with ortho, but leave the HD trees 3D night lighting.

Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Any ortho scenery placed in the sim must have autogen manually placed on it using a tool like Annotator, ScenProc, AutoTrees, etc... One cannot replace Orbx's ground textures and keep the autogen as they are tied to each other. These ground textures are landclasses which have the autogen pre-attached to them.

I'm not so sure about that. Autogen is tied more to a location than to a particular texture file. For example, if you create a PR tile and autogen it, but then decide to change the PR tile for a higher resolution, you do not need to redo the autogen. As long as it stayed present in the coexisting texture folder, the autogen would remain unchanged if the scenery tiles were changed.

The main problem I can see with the OP's idea is that the autogen would have been created according to the layout of the landclass texture tile(s) and would therefore not line up when changing the ground texture to a new PR tile. I could be incorrect. I am trying to figure out some issues with PR and autogen as I write.



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Between different photoreal versions you wouldn't have to redo the autogen indeed. But photoreal and landclass are completely different and you can't swap autogen between them. For the landclass the autogen is linked to the specific landclass texture and not to a location. For photoreal the autogen is linked to a location indeed.
Thanks for clearing that up Arno. I was really just making an assumption, which appears to be incorrect. Good to learn something. ;)