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Multiple texture photoreal ground poly?

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone could help guide me in the right direction for this. I am looking to make a photorealistic ground poly for my airport background but I would like my satellite textures to be split up in 1024x1024 textures so they are smaller and easier to work with and can hopefully be more detailed.

Is there any tool or way in which this can be done?

I just have to make the image a multiple of 1024, make a grid on gimp and cut out the tiles.

Others have made scripts to batch process them after this, but I haven't seen anyone use one to cut them out.
If you have photoshop...

You can open your main image you want slicing up, draw a 1024x1024 cube and lay them out in a checkered flag, put them all in a group and use the horizontal and vertical guides.. select your cut tool and at the top press "Slice from guides", when that is done, you can go to file > save for web and devices, save all tiles as PNG 24 bit.

You can then use a tool like "Bulk Rename Utility" to rename the textures to something you want
You can also use "Convimx" to batch convert all textures to DDS or whatever you want to use

Hope this helps
Hi, I used the guides to divide up my image into 1024x1024 blocks but then the blocks on the far right are cut off and are only 768px wide which causes a problem when trying to make those tiles onto my polygon in blender.

Is there a way in which to deal with this issue?

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To explain the problem a bit better, I am trying to figure out how I would split up my ground polygon in Blender so I could perfectly map each of those textures to each block, especially considering that the far right side is only 768px wide although I have made it an 1024x1024 picture with the remaining space being white which will be alpha-ed out anyway.

I do have the flat earth x and y values as well.
Then you just divide the x dimension by 5 and y by 4, which gives you each tile size in meters.

Don't forget to use the flat earth value in mcx coordinate converter even for fsx, as the ground poly wizard will make it correct after.