SketchUp Texture Rotation and export problem

Hello everyone!

I'm using Sketchup for my GP's for about 4 months, so I'm still not a pro in it.......

So here is my problem:

When I rotate any texture in SketchUp, it will export the texture just as often as I've used it for a surface ( see my screenshot ( texture BIKF_apron).

This problem also appears when I try to model used rubber marks on the runway... Same problem there ( also see my second screenshot ( BIKF_rubber_xx).

So how can I stop SketchUp export sooo many texture, so it's only the original texture picked in SketchUp.





Resource contributor

Yes, if the duplicate textures are identical to the original. Load the file into ModelConverterX and change all the extra texture filenames back to the original name. They should all use the same texture after that.

The exported textures from are all different as you can see in my screenshot above.

I'll try SketchUV today and see if that will fix it.