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SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

Any news on the VDGS??

No big news. While the code and the system is working for a long time already, it is still difficult how to distribute it commercially. Placing and fine-tuning those boxes for each and every parking spot is a time-consuming, tedious task. Doing that for free is not a option for me, keeping SODE freeware is enough free-time spent on a software project.

Question for you as a potential end-user: Would you be willing to pay let's say 1 USD for a particular airport and maybe some 5 USD for the base VDGS package? I'd be interested...
I would ... This is done already for example with AES when you buy credits..
so from me as a user's point... i would pay for a particular airport and also by the VDGS package to get it work.

I would be willing surely! One of the biggest features missing in P3D v3 is the VDGS, many airports have a lot of details but not the VDGS and for me this makes the realism drop to zero! Couldn't it be possible to implement a way so that the single user can add the box to the parkings he wishes?