P3D v4 Some bugs

Hi, Arno. I find some bugs and I want to ask some question.
1. In Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Weapons\ go to any 5 first folders and drag sim.cfg to MCX. When "Show particle effects" not pressed, all ok. If pressed - MCX freezes.
2. Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-16C\ drag aircraft.cfg to MCX and see not transparency canopy. In sim all Ok

f-16 bug.png

And question:
3. In options -> Texture Settings -> TextureSearchPatch It is possible to set relative paths to the program (e.g. [FSXPATH]) . Can this decision be applied to Prepafr3d v4?


Resource contributor
Hello Wonder,

Your #2 question,... since this is P3D v4.x, None of the texture attributes are visible through the MCX viewport... this applies to effects and particles as well, I believe. I'll let Arno answer 1 and 3 :).
As Red Cool said! Arno is most likely on a well deserved holiday and PBR materials are not yet supported.
As for your no.1 question, I do not have any freezing of MCX (see pic)
As for your no.3 question, you must have changed the options for the texture finder because otherwise it would not be a problem nor a question.