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FSX Spaceflight dynamics module for FSX


Resource contributor
As for the winged spacecraft, I'm hoping (haven't tested it yet) that it would be possible to seamlessly turn off space physics and turn on FSX flight model, at a certain upper-limit speed during re-entry (I believe someone mentioned that was Mach 4 for FSX)
Better to stick to an external module that can handle lifting body designs (OV, Dyna-Soar) all the way. Maybe YASIM can do the job.
I'm stuck on a bit of a problem with loading/reloading structures (they are contained in FLT files, I expanded the functionality :D) ... It has t do with asynchronous loading of FSX AI objects. I'll sort it out in a few days. After that should be smoooooth sailing, but hey, I said that before ;)

I actually love the EVA - I modeled a suit and it's cockpit view is a view out of a helmet :cool:
You offered a year ago, so - will you be my pre-beta-demo tester? :D I intend to (eventually) put it on Steam, but I will do a demo release for the audience here first (anyone who's following this thread), so that I can iron out any installation oversights. I'm keeping a list of installation steps as I develop, but just in case I omit something, you guys can report back.

It will be a pretty straight forward zip file that can be installed anywhere (does not need to "taint" your FSX install ;)), with manual entries to several CFG and XML files.
Hi Marc!

LOL I know I know, I said "a few days"... and then the summer holidays came... :)

But the good news is, the demo is READY. Now - as I eventually want to sell this, I checked the Steam requirements (there is a LOT of 3rd party FSX content for sale on there), and for submission, they need a few things, among them a demo, a promo video, and a web site. So, I've been working diligently on the product site, and it is almost ready (I had to learn Adobe Muse, because I want it to be up to the snuff with the latest technologies). Also, as I write this, I am writing a user manual... here is the live google docs link to it, if you want to track the progress of that. Also, I need to put together a detailed installation manual, because there is no time to put together an auto installer (there will of course be one in the final release)

And, not sure if you caught the announcement on the FB page, but I have the official name: FSX SpacePort :cool:

so - hang in there!
Thank Amazing Misho, feel free to ask if you need a Tester :)

Edit: Im also abl to make vdeos ane maybe livestream if you want me to make some advertising before release :)
Alright - I updated the web page with the FSX SpacePort details and info: (the site is not dynamically scaling for different devices... yet)


Demo is ready - just putting together installation instructions and polishing the user manual!

Almost D-Day (Demo day ;))


Resource contributor
This is definitely (flight) simulation (and computer_coding) award winning software Misho!
Your software sets a whole new standard in the field of "Extending and Enhancing Microsoft FSX"
Fantastic.... This is a reason for keeping a version of FSX alive on the computer. Now we just have to figure out how to recreate the sense of weightlessness in the living room :D
Ok - so the previous shots were renders, and the following are in-sim screenshots! There are 3 crew members now, plus I added a lot of detail to the Orion cabin.

LOVE these modern video cards :cool: - this model has nine 2048x2048 textures, one 4096x4096, and five 1024x1024, and the frames keep topping at upper limit of 60 FPS! Actually, it is now my monitor that can't keep up, showing a bit of image tear as I rotate the view around the cockpit!