P3D v3 Start MCX from external application

I want to start MCX as viewer from an external application. It works, I pass the aircraft.cfg file path as parameter.

However, I do have 2 questions:
  • could I somehow pass the livery which is displayed after startup (as 2nd parameter). The aircraft.cfg contains multiple liveries and I want to see one as default (same as the user would change it from the combobox)
  • can I somehow detect if MCX is installed. I would like to obtain the exe path so I can call it without user configuration. The external would query the registry or whatever and then allow to start it.


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Passing the livery as a second argument is s nice idea, but currently not implemented. I'll try to add that.

MCX doesn't use the registry at all, so without the user telling where he installed it, there is no way to detect it.