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Tashkent Region

Hi everybody, my name is Felix I'm new here and new for scenery design,
not so long ago my father complained that there is no decent scenery for his home town (Tashkent - Uzbekistan) After hearing his complaint I decided to do something and create a photoscenery for the region.

so I star working and now I have most of the phoscenery imagery complete (the scenery use LOD15 for the city and LOD14 for the region) I test in under P3Dv3 and also under FSXse
The scenery includes summer and winter texture, also it include day and night texture (I'm thinking about deleting the night texture and replacing it with light obj, and here I want to ask for help)
I star working in Scenproc and creating the autogens, but I don't have much knowledge in this program so here I'm ask for help, if some one can guide me?, I have the SHP of the road from the openstreet GIS, the question is how to turn it into night light (I will be glad if someone will help me with that)
also there wasn't so much building information in the SHP file, there is a lot of empty spaces without buildings, what is the best way to create autogen building in this area (for some how I know to use Autocad so maybe it can help creating new layers of information)
well, enough talking
here is the preview




Untitled-3.1.jpg Untitled-5.jpg Untitled-6.jpg Untitled-7.jpg Untitled-8.jpg Untitled-9.jpg

Right now I'm working on the water mask and LC
the next step will be modeling the landmarks and placing them

I must say that I don't have much time to work on this project
I build this scenery during my spring break and soon I will abandon this project for few months

nevertheless I upload it as a beat for testing
If you want you can download it and check it
here is a download link
as a torrent
or direct download

the scenery use default airports and I'm hope to take UTTT as a project after finishing this project
Nice work with the PR, it looks great. I like the effect of the night lighting. Thanks too for sharing your work, I would love to have a look at it in FSX.

Thanks, and yes, the mdl base on SKP file.
I use sketchup on daily use for architectural project but never use it for flight simulator modeling, therefore I have lot of questions.
is there a way to export all the buildings in one BGL file.
and how the height of the object work for file that include more then one building
also, I use SbuilderX to place the objects, is there any other way?

Yes you can create a library of your models and export this as one single bgl file. The attributes of the models will remain individual for each separate model, so there is no worry about compiling the models in to one library. I use the library maker tool that ships with Instant Scenery, but there is also a version by Arno from FS Developer and SceneryDesign.org. You just use one of these tools to add as many models as you want and then export the file as a bgl. Then you obviously need to place the buildings also, so you will need one more bgl which has the location/placement of the models contained within the library. So for order of workflow, you would probably need to create the library bgl first and then place the models from within the library where you want them on the scenery. You can of course add and remove objects from the library as you go. If you need to edit a model already in the library, you would just remove the existing one from the library and add the new edited model.



thank you Sharmes6, it did help me to understand how this work

and here is an update from my work
more and more landmarks taking shape in the area







the last tow screenshots are from Pakhtakor Stadium. it been a tricky model, the filed is 6.5 meters under the ground level, so it take me time to find out how to dig it under the ground.
now I have only one question, the the stadium creates a artificial hill, so I use summer texture to paint the hill, it blend well in summer but how do I add winter texture to model?

thank you

dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
but how do I add winter texture to model?
There are two major ways of doing that:
  1. You somehow export the model to ASM code and tweak ist a bit. I'm not familiar with that bur there is a wiki article: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=Seasonal_textures_(ASM_tweak) Not sure how this turns out in P3d though.
  2. You supply winter/spring/ fall textures in seperate folders. The Texture image all need to have the same name as the respective originals. Then the end user can exchange the textures up to his wishes. You should document somewhere how to do so.
Amazing models. Good Luck with your project. This part of the world really needs some attention.

Would love to participate, unfortunately my own projects are not progressing very well either :D
It's amazing to see Uzbekistan being developed for FS. Please keep up guys, and I'd be happy to support your project as much as I can!!!
Amazing models. Good Luck with your project. This part of the world really needs some attention.
Would love to participate, unfortunately, my own projects are not progressing very well either :D
Hello, David! Maybe you can help us with your experience to put things together into FS ?
If I can, I would be happy to help. On the other hand I am not that experienced either. Just write me a message here, how I could help you and we will see!
If I can, I would be happy to help. On the other hand I am not that experienced either. Just write me a message here, how I could help you and we will see!
Thank you, David! I saw your Georgian works and they look marvelous!
I'd like your assistance in several questions concerning placement of the Sketchup models into FSX/P3D-3/4.
Thank you! That should not be a big problem, just write me a PM with some E-mail address and I am sure, we can work something out.
the progress looks good. But let me ask why u take the pictures with your mobile phone instead of screenshots?
We just shared some pictures between us quickly and I decided to share them with you. No more mobile phone screenshots, I promise :)