The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

To be this your first work I must say it looks amazing, is this really your first work? Can't wait to see how the rest will look but congratulations thus far!


Either you are a liar, or you're the best forum user going in history of all developer forums. For your "first work" you've compiled photoscenery, created flattens, created custom trees and applied a fairly complex tunnel system as well as ground poly etc

Brilliant work, I look forward to seeing your future developments and progress of this.


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Those screenshots look stunning. Consider it is your first project, I am really impressed. I love those tunnels and ground texture, you are an artist!
RJAA is quite a big airport. It will take such a long time during the developing process. Do not give up. It is a game of patience.
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