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Thorp T-18 Redux

I am building a T-18 in my garage right now! Please keep me updated on the progress of this project. I have your older N2056 kit running in FSX Steam and P3D.
I am running Core i7-7700k 4.2ghz 16gb ram NVIDIA GTX1070i 12GB ram WIn 10 Oculus Rift X-plane 11.26 and P3D 4.3. So grateful for you efforts!
http://thorp18.com is the one I was referring to. I am also aware of the others, but this is the one I go to for reference material. In the forums there is a guy that posts regularly. Rich Brazell is a good friend of the family. Dad mentored him through the completion of his S-18 (N115RX). It's a really nice plane!

Paul Domingue

Resource contributor
It's really cool how you guys made a connection. Rob's a great guy and a good friend.

I have to ask #fatherelectron, how did you get that handle?
After college (I have a Business degree w Petroleum Marketing minor) I was kicking around the country in my early 20s in jobs I hated. I always wanted to be around airplanes so I joined the Air Force in 1982 as an old man (25-I was older than my drill instructors in basic training!) and I went through Ground Radio Equipment Technical School with a bunch of 18-year-olds. I aced all the electronics courses and was the only honor graduate in my flight. Somebody in the class started calling me this and it stuck. I worked on Air Traffic Control Equipment, and Command and Control Communications for 6 years. After spending 3 years in Italy, I cam back to USA and learned to fly at Travis AFB in Fairfield CA. I started working on Avionics in 1988. I have had my own shop since 1994. We work only on singles and light twins. People's toys. No jets. Too much liability and stress.
Hey Robert..
Where did your Dad come up with that all metal cowling? That is gorgeous. I cannot find reference in plans anywhere on or offline...

He made it himself. No plans. Same goes for all of the other parts that are normally fiberglass. He really enjoyed metal working.
I am at a pause on the "big project". That means I get to work on the Thorp again!
I have the cooling plenum done. Not an easy bit to do as I really had no solid reference material. To me it is plausible, and I am now working on the ignition system.

How many million polys you got there Rob? And are you planning to model the Otto cycle happening inside those cylinders too? :rotfl:

That thing is gorgeous as always.
Thanks Ozzy. Count as it stands currently is around 125K.
The ignition harness has been installed. I just need to put in some zip ties :).



Resource contributor
Count as it stands currently is around 125K.
I think I might need to relax about poly counts on my models. I get into a cold sweat if I see over 60,000 on a completed aircraft, let alone the engine!! :eek: Wonderful work Robert!