P3D v4 TU 144D

Amazing to see someone is bring her back. Are you making a fully working engineers panel? I have just started to model the TU-144S with NK-144A engines but it is in the early stages. Good luck and cannot wait to fly her when finished.
Really I have issue with Lvar for this aircraft, count so far is 1058 variable only front panel ( pilot/copilot) and engineer panel. still remain overhead panel, left/right side console, center console and upper engineer panel, it can reach 1600 variable will be use. Bigger problem is: Sim only can handle till 580 Lvars.
BTW, this Engineer gauge, animated and waiting code to drive:



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Err...I think I have well over 700 L: vars in use in one or two aircraft without noticable drawbacks.
I believe yours 700 L:vars is not coded in 1 xml file, I think it divide in several xml gauge.
I use dll gauge, if more than 580 it not made drawback, it directly CTD ( tried in P3D v4). maximum Lvars set in C++ is 580 Lvars on each dll, if Lvars more than 580 it could divide in 2 or more dll gauge, that would be no problem.
I made a mistake while creating Array for Lvars, I missed 1 Lvars, so Array count is not same and it cause CTD. now I can use 1000 Lvars (tested) and more (not tested). Thanks to @JB3DG
Hello! If you want, me and my friend (we are both russian), we would like you to help you in this project to bring this bird to the P3D v4, as the other version could operate on P3D v3.5. We both fly regulary 144 in the sim, we have a good knowlodge of the aircraft systems, so if you need any help with systems or other material, we will help. You're doing really a great job, good luck!
Kalong, if you need further detailed pictures of real cockpit or exterior/interior, I could help. I have a real TU-144 in my neighbourhood in Sinsheim/Germany. Its CCCP-77112, but a TU-144D.
yes, please, if you could have lot of picture detail inside cockpit, I can swap aircraft reference base from 77115 to 77112.
if you could took picture / video take very close like this, I'll very appreciated: see from minutes 7.13 ( after 7.14 the screen is blocked)
Okay, I will help. It is a very ambitious, but very nice project. Glad to see, someone is on it.

latest test on fuel transfer and fuel balancing system.
flying TU-144 "alone" with distant 6500 km, payload 7000 kg, and 88.000 kg of fuel isn't good idea.
the problem rise on workload at final flight is so high to do fuel transfer, fuel balancing to adjust CG position, workload get higher if you must do missed approach/ going around, and need more fuel to burn that give effect on CG position (total fuel only can fly for about 45 minutes at 75% throttle). I did an autopilot after go around phase, but autopilot really need to take care, changing CG position give effect the trim setup by autopilot, VSI did high oscillating up/down. finally I can made it landing manually with not correct CG position. sweaty and challenging.
conclusion: this aircraft need engineer guy.
the plan is create automation for fuel balancing as engineer guy and other option is manual fuel balancing (semi auto fuel transfer)
no pics for this coding phase.

this aircraft use all default Sim fuel tanks (9) as the real aircraft has 17 tanks. tanks divided as : 1 tank as main feeder to all 4 engine, 5 tanks as fuel feeder to main tank and 3 tanks as fuel balancing.