P3D v4 TU 144D

Oh wow, how did I not know about this project? I have an incredible TU-144 installed for FSX, but it cannot be ported to P3D V4. This'll be amazing! Great work so far!


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I have an incredible TU-144 installed for FSX, but it cannot be ported to P3D V4.
This is a mistaken assumption. I have ported many FS9 and FSX vehicles to V4.

Nemeth AS-350:

Alphasim Tu-16 Badger (note some very specific model changes):

Some SU-27 for FS9 and V. Zhyhulskiy's AN-12 in the background:

It's pretty much all possible, depending on level of commitment. In that regard, I really doubt anything currently available will match the level of commitment thus far seen in this thread.


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I didn't do it for ease, but the work was largely proof of concept. My money is on this one. However I am absolutely certain the full conversion is possible and the post was intended to encourage you or anyone else to accomplish it.
several test, my PBR texture in P3D isn't good.
fuel system panel use PBR texture.
engine panel use native FSX texture.

when in dusk with sun going yellow/orange PBR texture become rusty. it no good at all

receive Shadow

received shadow unchecked (like in FSX)

expect PBR texture
Playing around with Dynamic light.
there still need improvement on Dynamic light, as far as I made try and error:
1. Dynamic light doesn't generate shadow.
2. still go through any model polygon. i.e. landing light still show in cockpit.
3. rounded spot (don't know how to create long emitter)
4. fx file still doesn't work in virtual cockpit.

have so many idea with dynamic light, hope not end up with "limitation".



if only if...
new flight simulator (estimate as FS2020) is better from present P3D and there SDK available for us, I not hesitate to fully moving to new sim. it a dream, hope it came true.
aircraft system have 2 mode, you can switch them at anytime.
1. manual ( all done my your self)
2. semi auto ( automatic system will take over some of flight engineer work)