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Tutorial: Setting Compiler Options


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This article relates to ADE version 1.65 and later. In earlier versions of ADE there were very few options when compiling. This has changed and now there are a number of different ways that you can customize the compile operation. These are found in the compile options dialog when you choose Compile. Find the details here: http://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/255596
Hi Jon,

A question about Conditional Compile. If (for example) I had the Compile Preload Bgl choice checked in previous compiles (so I now have a preload BGL file in Scenery/World/Scenery), what is the compile behavior if I uncheck it and then compile again? Does ADE leave the existing file alone, or does it delete it? Is this behavior different for different compile boxes?


If you have compiled then the original compiled file is left in place. These switches merely determine which files are compiled. It makes no determination as to whether the file is present so checked the associated bgl files are created. Unchecked they are not. Each box behaves the same way. Technically the program checks the box - if it is checked then it runs the relevant compile code. If it is unchecked then it does not run the relevant compile code.

In the Conditional Compile what does Airport and Scenery compile mean when a checkmark is present or not present..

When checked ADE will compile the airport and scenery elements. One or two bgl files will be created depending on whether the split compile option is checked or not. If these bgl files exist in the selected compile folder ADE will replace them. If they do not exist ADE will add them

When unchecked ADE will not compile the airport and scenery elements. So no Bgl files will be replaced or created. If there is already bgl files for airport and scenery in the selected compile folder then they will stay there. As per my reply to Tom. At not time does un-checking an option cause any existing bgl files to be deleted.
So this is different from the previous behavior where ADE would delete CVX files when they were no longer compiled? Has that behavior changed?
So this is different from the previous behavior where ADE would delete CVX files when they were no longer compiled? Has that behavior changed?

No that is something separate Tom. The conditional compile options determine which groups ADE calls the compiler for. As far as deleting a CVX file where they are no longer compiled this is triggered only when the compile is actually called so if this group is turned off in conditional compile ADE does not check to see if there is a CVX file present or not.

There is a new feature in 1.65 where ADE will ask whether you want to keep the CVX file or not. This should help folks who want to modify an Airport Bgl file and don't have the project file and there is a CVX bgl file with the airport.