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Using 1.75 production (with pro key), I've found two issues:
- after compiling, if you exit the program it asks to save the project even if it was saved just before compiling; this behaviour did not happen with previous versions;
- if I compile a 1.70 project with 1.75, I loose all the GP objects. File *GP is created, but I can't see anything in the sim (FSX-SE).

These issue can be reproduced on different pcs, with both W7-64 and W10-64.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Thanks for the report. We are aware of the first issue and working on a fix. I think the issue on GPs will need Don and he is currently away
Jumping in to add that even GPs created from scratch in 1.75 do not appear in FSX:SE. The GP compile only offers the LOCAL altitude option, all others are greyed out. I'm using the FSX boxed SDK.
Is anyone using FSX here to confirm this issue?
Still experimenting and making some progress by installing the new ADE_GP from stuff4fs (I thought it was incorporated in the ADE production installer). Now I see the ground polys in my scenery, but the backing texture goes on top of the main texture.
Sorry for the prolonged monologue.
I find misaligned GP lines when compiling with 1.75. The same file, compiled with 1.70 has no issues.


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Don is back and just discovered the GP reference in this thread. I am working a similar issue with another user (http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/custom-ground-polys-not-showing.441322/). In that other case, when I generate the GP file from his .ad4 file, the GPs display on both my and his machine. When he generates the file, nothing displays - suggesting a PV4 compiler issue.

Please refer to my last post in that thread.

Please also note that the other user initially did not have a flatten, which even on my system was necessary. I trust you have flattened your airport to ARP elevation. Otherwise, your GPs may be "buried"

Nice to see you back, Don.

First, thanks for your reply.

I would like to add the two other issues explained above: back texture goes above the main texture and the ground poly does not match what you see in the sim.

I try to explain the second one: if you have, in ADE, two ground lines sharing a node at the same coordinates (think of a straight taxi line at the intersection with a curved taxi line), sometimes happens that in the sim the two ground lines are separated. If I compile the same file with ADE 1.70, everything is ok.

Thanks again for any help.


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Rosario, the issues highlighted above appear to relate to FSX-SE, and involve two different versions of ADE and different versions of ADE-GP. Further, the statement
The GP compile only offers the LOCAL altitude option
suggests ADE was in PV3 or 4 mode, not FSX. The nature of GPs differs greatly between FSX and P3Dv3/4 and would explain at least some of the issues.

So, to narrow the scope of the problem, please provide illustrating screenshots showing before and after situations and specify the versions of ADE and ADE-GP used. Also, please ensure the ADE FGSX mode is used.

Maybe you are giving me the right path. I do not have P3D installed, so I guess ADE starts automatically in FSX mode? Maybe it is not so? I remember some settings in ADE to show the initial menu where you can choose the sim. Now this menu does not appear because I only have FSX installed.
Could it be that ADE is starting automatically in P3D mode?
I will search the settings to make the sim-choice appear in ADE.

Edit: found it
Problem solved!
Now the GP compiler has no greyed out options and the GP lines join exactly as in ADE.

Now I should understand why I had ADE starting in P3D mode.

Hm, spoke too early
Compiling with 1.75 gives now gives no ground lines again. This happens when I create new GPs from scratch in 1.75.
Loosing my gray hair! :banghead:


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For FSX, so long as the folder pointers (under Options) point to the same place (i.e., to the same compilers), there shouldn't be any difference in GPs between 1.71 and 1.75. The files produced should be identical - but apparently that's not the case.

What is the version number of ADE-GP in each case? (Look in the title bar of the GP Editor) .



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Rosario, did the compiler generate any error messages? Was the GP.bgl file generated? I suspect the answers are "yes" and "no" respectively.

I don't know how this error has persisted undetected for so long. (Perhaps nobody is making FSX airports anymore.) I'll post a new version of ADE-GP (2.2.07) to http://stuff4fs.com overnight. Please download it in the morning and test. (You only need to update ADE_GroundPolys.dll.)

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