FSX:SE Two small issues with 1.75


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When you installed the full release, did you also install "ASToFRA.Coordinates.dll"? If no, please do so.

Does the file "ASToFRA.Coordinates.dll" exist in your ADE folder - after adding it from the full release if necessary. If so and the exception continues to be issued, please post the .ad4 file you are using.



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OK. Got it figured out. While ADE-GP 2.2.08 doesn't make use of ASToFRA.Coordinates.dll, it does refer to that file. (It was required during the development of 2.2.06 and I neglected to delete the reference when no longer required.)

ADE also uses a (different) version of that file and, when you installed the version with 2.2.08, you overwrote the version required by ADE.

The attached file ADE-GP 2.2.09 does not contain any reference to ASToFRA.Coordinates.dll. Just copy it into your ADE folder. But, you may need to restore the version of ASToFRA.Coordinates.dll required by ADE. It appears ADE requires version 1.4.00. If your ADE folder holds a different version and you can't find a backup copy of 1.4.00, I'll send you a copy of mine.)



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ADE uses a number of libraries from Arno


this includes the one that seems to show the error. These are all shipped with the full ADE installer. Please check that you have the correct dated file in the ADE main folder