P3D v4 Unable to delete airport library objects

Using the version of ADE I have been trying to delete the KSAN default airport tower and two storage tanks without success. Reading up on posts, this is what I am doing:

1. Open the default KSAN airport in P3Dv4.
2. Create a project name for it and saved it.
3. Re-opened the project (just to make sure it was working), I deleted the control tower and two storage tanks.
4. Saved the airport.
5. Compiled the airport
6. Placed my airport bgl into my own custom scenery folder. Has #1 priority in the scenery library.
7. Boot up P3Dv4, activate scenery, objects are still present.

Read that it is better to created a complete airport AFCAD like this rather than create exclude polys?


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When you delete an object in ADE, it has already created a small exclusion rectangle for you, so the default object disappears (theoretically). Therefore it's actually the same.

If the compile created more than one BGL file, did you copy all of them into an active scenery folder?
Only one file is created, the .bgl file and placed in the active scenery folder. I would think this would be a simple 2 minute fix? Mmmmm. :confused:
If anyone cares to take a stab at this and tell me where I might be going wrong I would really appreciate it. Just show me how to delete the control tower library at KSAN, or the storage tank next to it. I've created lot's of excludes in the past but can't seem to make this one work. :(
just make an exclusion rectangle and check all so you be sure everything is fine
No, that won't work.

If it's the default KSAN:

Select the tower object and press <Delete>.

Select the Tank object and press <Delete>

Compile and place the object file(s) into an active sceneryy folder.

Open P3D and the two objects will be gone.

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I know it sounds crazy George but that is exactly what I am doing?!?! Can you do me a favor and post here your bgl and ADE project file you just created? That way I can take a look at it and see what maybe is happening.
Alright, George I can confirm your AFCAD works (so probably mine does too), but ONLY if I create a separate folder with a scenery folder and drop it in there and give it a higher priority than my scenery (where I was planning to place it). I was always under the impression one can make an exclude and include it in their own scenery and it would exclude items with lower priority, in this case the default AFCAD? The thing is, I do not have any AFCAD in my scenery for KSAN. Only the default which I take is in the Global/scenery folder?
Ok, that's what I thought. Maybe there is something in my scenery folder which causes the objects to reappear? Have to go through file-by-file.


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This often comes where there are multiple bgl files containing the airport and the last one loaded contains the objects. Exclusions in a file cannot exclude object placements in that file but work on files that load before the one containing the exclusions. ADE makes sure that exclusion rectangles are placed first in any bgl file to ensure this behavior is reliable.

Be aware that loading priority isn't just which folder (scenery area) loads last but also the naming of files: https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/199760-priority-matters

The File Priority Analyzer may help to identify which file loads last and how many files there are containing the airport. However it may not be 100% reliable for P3D v4 since it uses the scenery.cfg file to get information. There are plans to update it to handle the other methods of managing addon files in P3dV4
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