UVW-Mapping, 3dsMax 2017


the following element is driving me crazy at the moment:

I need to map the sides of the ramp so they are completely flat, but I have not found the right way to get a planar mapping for the sides...which does not result in a distorted map :-(
Maybe someone of you can help me? If required I can also send you a model file!

Thanks in advance


Resource contributor
Trying to map the ramp sides with a planar mapping gives a distorted map because the objects are distorted from being straight. The trick is to un-distort them and then map. Perhaps you built them straight and then curved the shape to that shown? In that case you map them before curving. Alternatively, using modifiers, 'straighten' the ramp sides, map and unwrap them, then disable the modifiers. You'll find the basis of this in the following Wiki resource:– UVW Mapping in Gmax part 6