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The components of each SDK, with links to the documentation describing how to use it.

The SDK is actually a collection of task-oriented SDKs.

There is no single tool that you run, rather it's collection of tools, each of which perform seperate tasks.
Some of these SDK tools will call other SDK tools.

The majority of tools are stand-alone, and launched outside of the sim.
Depending on version, a few tools are launchable from the in-flight menu.

You should use the appropriate SDK version to match your version of FS.

The only SDK tools available in-game, are the Object placement tool, 3 traffic tools, and the effects tool.

All other tools are run/started from outside the sim GUI.
Look in the root of where you'd installed the SDK, or
Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Games -> Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK ->


SDK documentation, and access links to some tools, are available from -
Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Games -> Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK -> Flight Simulator X SDK

RTM, SP1, & SP1a documentation is supplied in html format, with each folder containing the relevant html file(s).

SP2 documentation is supplied in chm format, as a single compiled html file, fsxsdk.chm.
located by default in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK


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Core Utilities Kit


Environment Kit


Mission Creation Kit


SimObject Creation Kit


Acceleration Expansion Pack SDK




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