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    Who's Ready For a Stupid Question?

    Folks, don't forget your resources! ;) The Forum has a Wiki. There, under "Generic Buildings" you have a Tutorial, which explains all the features and characteristics of Generic Buildings, how to change them, how to construct them - and the lot. You find it under...
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    FS2004 Terrain Vectors (Lines)

    Mr. Crocodile as stated in the introduction of the manual, FS9-related issues have in the manual a red surrounding, FSX-related issues a blue one. Page 140 is blue :D This should make further Manual reading easier Helli
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    Aprons order problem

    Hello Ray I do not check this forum on a regular basis (I know I should :() However I check occasionally for comments about the Manual. That's how I found your posting today. Your observation is absolutely correct. Thank you very much for it. It is tricky to spot the fault - so may fours and...
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    ADE 1.67.5775 Beta

    An explanation, not an excuse ;): Please keep in mind, that the Manual is valid for ADE v.1.65. Of course the Beta-version 1.67 has (by definition) a lot of changes. I try to keep track of them. But a documentation update only makes sense, when a new "final" ADE-version is published by Jon...
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    Aprons order problem

    Foufure Jan is right. You can download the ADE Manual under There in chapter 14.14 "Drawing Layers" you find a lot of information concerning your problem. Don't give up :D Helli
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    Multiple select and rotating objects ?

    and your use of the Manual would make Jon's life much easier o_O Helli
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    549 days and counting

    Jon with a backlog time of 549 days, this "curved" B-feature must be high up on your priority list of things to be implemented. How can you dare to treat this with a simple "Nope"? Helli
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    Create parking spot within simulator

    Beethoven - or was it Brahms? - anyway, one of the famous German composers once wrote a piece for piano and dedicated it to an at that time also famous piano player. The piano player practiced and came up with the argument, that the piece could not be played, because there was a passage, where...
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    Create parking spot within simulator

    The "Ctrl" is accessibly with your nose :D Helli
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    Create parking spot within simulator

    Thanks Jim! - I must have missed the "Add Parking Spot"-function with ProKey. - I will look for it in Jon's notes and add it to the list for the next Manual version - I did not create a list with Keyboard Shortcuts. It's a good idea to add this too. Thanks again Helli
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    Create parking spot within simulator

    How to make aprons and ground polys more or less transparent is described in chapter 4.3.6 in the Manual. It was not included in earlier manual-versions, V.1.65 is the first one. The feature must have been introduced in 2014. I did not check the Change Notes :( for more clarification Helli
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    ADE Version 1.67.5684 Released

    Jon I confirm the proper function of the new automatic update Helli
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    FSX Questions/problems with my first airport

    You are welcome, Taylor Helli
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    FSX Questions/problems with my first airport

    Taylor, you are absolutely right. The time to peruse the Manual started the day after it was published. ;) I have created a list with corrections/suggestions to be used for the next release. What is your input? Helli
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    New Project is not showing in FS

    Ken Concerning the ADE version indeed the Manual is based on version 1.65. Jon Masterson (scruffyduck) - the author of ADE added some improvements after the release of 1.65 and called it 1.66 in order to give it a "final" status. Of course the manual does not mention these improvements. But you...