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GeoimageProcessor - Water and Blend Mask Automation Tool 3.11

I can't understand how to use your tool however it's interesting
can you please make a tutorial? (video / pdf)
Kelvin Richardson
What don't you understand exactly?

For processing FS Earth Tiles BMP images you need the AereaEarthInf txt file and the accompanying BMP image for the resample tool. That's it.

For TIF files not using FS Earth Tiles, you just need to put them in the TIFSourceImage folder.

Make sure you read the README.txt file and there are also some directions in the appsettings.json file which you will use to configure you folder locations and settings but you should be able to just use the out of the box configuration settings and only need to change all the folder need to make sure ALL the folder paths are allocated to the folders otherwise you will get a folder path error so this is why I included default folders.

If i get some time I'l look at doing a Youtube video with instructions.