P3D v4 How to calculate the front wheel coordinates ?

    Hello i want to get the coordinates of my front wheels ( aircraft ) using the simconnect and the p3d sdk, i know that we can get the center coordinates and i do it already. i need to calculate the front wheel coordinates only ( maybe with the aircraft.cfg entries ...) for my addon hope you help...
  2. Leo2789

    FS2004 Installed aircraft not appearing in FS9 menu for mysterious reasons

    Hello I have a problem that has happened once or twice that I just can't understand how or why :S I'll use the most recent case as an example: I had all of the old HNAC Airbus A300's and A310's installed on FS9 some years ago, with lots of liveries, nice sounds and a cool panel, and all ran...
  3. M

    FSXA Finding Aircraft Stall Speed

    Hello, I have a quick question... I'm building a custom catapult, to launch aircraft at more realistic speeds than the default cat. To accomplish that goal while keeping it simple, I'd like to launch each aircraft at its stall speed plus a margin of, say, 20kts. So the question is: how can I...
  4. K

    FSX AI title and aircraft.cfg (SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft)

    Guess it will be the same for FSX and P3D. When I create AI traffic with SimConnect I have to pass the title from the aircraft.cfg (docs). So far I was under the impression that hence the titles are unique / have to be unique. Otherwise, how would I distinguish two AI aircraft with the title...
  5. kvrijt

    Multiple gyro drift in FSX

    We're working with multiple gyro's in a machine we're developing which should off course have a different drift. Therefore I added one in our aircraft.cfg. [direction_indicators] //1 Type: 0=None, 1=Vacuum Gyro, 2=Electric Gyro, 3=Electro-Mag Slaved Compass, 4=Slaved to another //2 Indicator...
  6. P

    FSX Can't get wheel positions to work correctly

    I'm trying to teach myself how to do this whole plane design thing, so please excuse the probably dumb question, but I've got a simple model, and in the aircraft.cfg i've tried to get the wheel placements to work, but it seems no matter what numbers I use, it makes no effect, and if I pause it...