P3D v4 How to calculate the front wheel coordinates ?

i want to get the coordinates of my front wheels ( aircraft ) using the simconnect and the p3d sdk, i know that we can get the center coordinates and i do it already.
i need to calculate the front wheel coordinates only ( maybe with the aircraft.cfg entries ...) for my addon
hope you help me guys and thnx in advance.
have a nice day :)


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You can use either SimConnect or PDK to retrieve the fully qualified path to the .air file.
Once you have that, you have the path to the aircraft.cfg file. Just read the information from there.
Yes, that's the entire point of the contact point definition is to define the wheel's position. From the SDK's description of [contact_points]: "You can configure and adjust the way aircraft reacts to different kinds of contact, including landing gear contact and articulation, braking, steering, and damage accrued through excessive speed."

A read of the SDK, particularly the SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent API function, details how to request notification when and what .AIR file is loaded by the sim.

All of this information is available to one who takes the time to search.
sommetimes i hate reading C++ code cus I use C#
and when there is no more hope, i just start converting that c++ to C#, which is a very hard job to me
i'll reread that doc i think i missed it
thnx for reply guys :)
There is so little difference in C/C++/C# I really don't understand the issue.

I believe it is a oblate spheroid adhering to w WGS84 data.
we have calculation problems everytime we get far from the Equator and when we reach the poles it become an other equation
so calculation of position and distances isn't easy
i have the aircraft position and heading
i have the distance between the front wheel and the center
i need to calculate the front wheel position
the earth isn't a sphere
so a lot of calculations
i did that yester day and i got a result but not 100% correct
i keep trying :(
From the SDK:

"In Flight Simulator, the earth is defined as an “oblate spheroid,” an ellipse rotated about its minor axis. In terms of shape, it's much like a sphere that is a little bit fat around the equator. In Flight Simulator, the earth has the following dimensions:
• Equatorial diameter=12756.27 km
• Equatorial circumference=40075.0 km
• Polar diameter=12734.62 km
• Polar circumference=40007.0 km"
i maybe found it :D
i still have one question as i can't test right now
in simobjects : are the contact points considered as attach points ?
cus i found a fonction that is SimConnect_RequestAttachPointData
that returns the coordinates :)
That does not exist in FSX and I'm not certain it is supposed to reference contact points at all. Attach points are defined for weapons placement and are only valid in the Professional Plus license level.
i used the taxi lights effect
but attach point are also effects :(
if that is for pro plus only i'm in a big problem

Why do you need to "calculate" the precise wheel point anyway? What is the purpose of knowing that?
well i'm working on an addon and once i get the solution for all my problems with the simconnect , i'll release some news
but for now , it won't see the light until i get it to work. :)
my addon will also need the last point of the wings and the tail
but the front gear was the priority an now it works and i'll keep programming and deliver some news in the show room :)
yes so i got an idea that i attach an empty points in to the aircraft model
then with the simconnect i request thier positions
i tested with the front wheel and it worked :)