1. xirsir

    P3D v4 Making SCASM (.sca) Ground Polys Work in v4 - Help!!

    Silly me posted this on Reddit first until someone suggested FSDeveloper. The reason I mention this is because as you can see I'm quite concealed about which scenery this is and I'm blanking out names on pictures as you don't know what crazy individual you're likely to find on Reddit, I'll...
  2. Kekelekou

    Tutorial to convert FS2004 aircraft to FSX (and later sims) using ModelConverterX 02012018

    Quick and dirty PDF edition by Kekelekou of Tom Gibson's online tutorial. Please refer to :
  3. K

    A bug and the solution.

    I am new here, so posted a bug report on the wrong place. You can read it here:
  4. DrzewieckiDesign

    Forum conversion - phpBB Przemo -> phpBB 3.2

    Hi. We are looking for a person/company able to convert a discussion board from the phpBB by Przemo format to the newest phpBB 3.2 and to keep it maintained. I need to have the following things converted (moved): - forum tree (with subforums, hidden subforums etc) - topics, posts and private...