1. Kekelekou

    Tutorial to convert FS2004 aircraft to FSX (and later sims) using ModelConverterX 02012018

    Quick and dirty PDF edition by Kekelekou of Tom Gibson's online tutorial. Please refer to :
  2. K

    A bug and the solution.

    I am new here, so posted a bug report on the wrong place. You can read it here:
  3. DrzewieckiDesign

    Forum conversion - phpBB Przemo -> phpBB 3.2

    Hi. We are looking for a person/company able to convert a discussion board from the phpBB by Przemo format to the newest phpBB 3.2 and to keep it maintained. I need to have the following things converted (moved): - forum tree (with subforums, hidden subforums etc) - topics, posts and private...