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  1. C

    (with Ext Wnd) Blank Multi thread D2D gauge template 1.0

    Modified template from Jonathan : https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/blank-multi-thread-d2d-gauge-template.155/ Change Log: 1. Adds a Build Config "DebugExe", that allows the project to be build into a EXE. EXE will spawn win32 windows for each gauge display instance. Makes use of...
  2. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v4 What language to use?

    I could use some input. Years ago I created the FDSFX panel for sound effects controlled from inside the cockpit. A simple 2D panel where the simmer flips a switch and an audio recording would play. Right-clicking on the switch would give options such as auto-repeat, volume control and...
  3. Nicolas 2000

    FSX:SE How to play sounds when button is pressed

    I am trying to figure out how to make a gauge for cabin announcements i have the sound files but i need to find out how to make the gauge I also have the bitmaps Thank you
  4. Ronald

    DLL-powered-gauges vrs XML-powered-gauges

    With the recent news that P3D and FSW are "going 64-bits" and the changes in their support of (64-bits) add-ons I was wondering: "What are the technical and internal differences between DLL-powered gauges vrs XML-powered-gauges" What i've learned myself so far is that: A - DLL-powered-gauges...
  5. Scott Anderson

    FS2004 .xml gauge-sound problem

    (I have this on FlightSim as well, but so far no luck)... I´ve been beating my head bloody for the past three days + on this, and I need some help-- I am adding an inertia starter sound to a gauge [which is a simple toggle switch to kick in before hitting the starter-- unless someone has a...
  6. TheGreyGoose

    Request help with FSX/P3D toggle gauges and tooltips.

    Hi, I've been making a few XML gauges and am stuck on a few things. Understanding the differences of the old types vs new types is obviously confusing to a noob. I've been able to accomplish maybe 80% of what I've wanted but am stuck on a few items, mainly 3 separate things. #1 - I want to...
  7. antaris

    FS2004 Bell 429 Starter idea... pfew! (SOLVED)

    Hello lads Recently, I made a comment on the showroom and Heretic came with and idea. I know this have been said before but I will do it anyway. I have this code working for a 3 way starter switch; it is working as it should and I am trying to make it work as an animated part in the VC. Both...
  8. L

    FSX Lua or gauge to perform trim inputs under few conditions

    Hello, community. I was trying to modify an aircrat's flight dynamics so it would be able to pitch down once thrust is cut during the flare. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to achieve the desired effect. I then decided to cheat fsx by creating a lua or a gauge that will trim nose down by several...
  9. K

    YANB Yet another newbee

    Hi, I start leaning xml as used in the fsx gauges and I have a few questions. 1. Can someone tell me what the scope is of the goto/jump and quit statements? Meaning are they only active within element, select or value or even in the whole gauge? 2. I have a third party addon that is reacting...
  10. AerobaticsFS

    Su26: Gauges not working

    Hello guys, I've made this thread because I feel I'll get a lot of questions. (Especially because I have no experience in XML-coding and I have complex gauges like the Aspen 1000). Question 1: What is wrong with this code: <Animation name="Su26_needle_rpm"...
  11. Fritz B. Hoering

    FSX Pause on top of descent xml gauge

    Hi, I am looking for an FSX internal gauge that pauses the sim on or a few miles before reaching the Top of Descent. Pretty new to xml gauge development, I need quite a bid of support. We discussed some of the issues we are facing in the "Top of Descend Announcement Gauge" thread...
  12. Fritz B. Hoering

    FSX Pause on top of descent xml gauge

    Hi, I am looking for an FSX internal gauge that pauses the sim on or a few miles before reaching the Top of Descent. Pretty new to xml gauge development, I need quite a bid of support. We discussed some of the issues we are facing in the "Top of Descend Announcement Gauge" thread...
  13. Fritz B. Hoering

    FSX Park brake set and Signs on

    Hi, as I cannot convince FSX with any trick to start the simulation with Park brake set and Signs on, I like to create a gauge that does it in all planes. Unfortunately, I could not find any key that commands what I want. (>K:PARKBRAKE_SET), (>K:SIGNS_ON), (>K:NO_SMOKING_ON) (>K:SEATBELT_ON)...
  14. Fritz B. Hoering

    FSX Top of Descend Announcement Gauge

    Hi, I am keen to put a XML gauge together that announces the top of descend about 40 miles away from TOD. Does anyone have a clou which variables I could use to make it work? Thanks in advance Fritz
  15. Fritz B. Hoering

    XML Announcement Gauges for Flaps, Altitude and more

    Hi, New to XML programming, I'm trying to develop announcement gauge for FSX based on Doug Dawson's dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau. The following XML syntax works with the exception that the sound does not play once, but in a loop: <Gauge Name="Flaps Announcements" Version="1.0"> <Element>...
  16. M

    Read active ADF lat/lon?

    Hi there, Is there a way to read the latitude and longitude of the tuned NDB through execute_calculator_code or similar, without going through simconnect? The simulation variables documentation lists "ADF LATLONALT:index" but I can't seem to make it work using execute_calculator_code(). is there...
  17. M

    L:var callback?

    Hi there, My name's Farley, I'm just getting into gauge programming. Quick question... In a c++ gauge, one can use "register_key_event_handler()" to register a function to be called each time a Sim Event is triggered. Also, I believe one can use SimConnect to register a function to be called...