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  1. M

    Was there a fix for glass windows appearing black through fog?

    I noticed this issue on my DAAT airport as well as Roman Design CYOW, when there are low-altitude clouds/fog, the glass appears very dark/black as it has no fog effect applied to it. Has there been a fix identified for it? The material is MSFS glass with high transparency and dark color.
  2. Rotornut44

    MSFS [MCX] Transparent glass?

    OK. I feel like this should be pretty straight forward, but for whatever reason, I have been unable to figure it out.. I have a static model where I want to make the glass transparent. Just as you would for a normal aircraft simobject. The glass material has a texture by default. Coming from...
  3. samlian


    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the glass and metal frame, for light up the room I changed the emissive parameters because the glass isn't all trasparent but blue colored in the real the light is very glow; when I move the camera the light outside windows on the frame seems to tremble...
  4. A

    P3D v4 Creation of Opaque Glass texture.

    Hi. I am fairly new to the scenery development scene but am experienced in 3d modeling software. I am wondering how I would go about creating an opaque glass texture that can be used in sim. I want to create both a PBR version and a version without PBR. Could someone assist me? Thanks, Kevin
  5. RomanDesign

    MSFS Multi-room Parallax material. Finally!

    I think I finally mastered multi-room parallax texture properly. Here's the test video with a simple cube building. Emission works too. What's funny is that rooms are randomized somehow by the sim. They are showing in a different order than I have them in my background texture. Same for emission...
  6. RomanDesign

    MSFS Parallax glass - no reflection... Any ideas?

    I’ve been using parallax windows/interiors but the glass is not reflecting, no matter what I do. I used it in small buildings on individual windows before, but now I tried a large one, with multi-room parallax texture. It’s working OK, although with a surprising effect that seemingly the actual...
  7. J

    MSFS Transparent glass with Sketchup and MCX - Help, please!

    Hi Arno and everybody else, I started 3D modeling only recently and I'm getting along with Sketchup quite well so far. I know how to build scenery objects, export them to Collada, then convert them using MCX and place them in flight simulator 2020 SDK. But I can't get glass surfaces look...
  8. carlosgomez

    PBR Clouds Issue

    Hi. I have an issue with some PBR glass. It has the metallic texture and a normal map. The material seems perfectly ok but clouds/sky happen to draw last and look over the material. It doesnt matter if EA is active or not. I also tried removing metallic and normal map from the material and to...
  9. Kiartz

    MSFS Parallax with Blender - Help!

    Hi guys! I'm trying to create some windows with PARALLAX MATERIAL, it work fine on the simulator but it's really difficult to map! I'm tryng with the default texture of Sample Material with numbered rooms. Moving the face, the image don't correspond with texture!! o_O Someone know how fix...
  10. K

    MSFS glass problems

    Hi! I have a problem where glass that is further away is overdrawing the one closer to the camera. Unfortunately, using different draw orders is not possible here, because the glasses can be viewed from both sides. I also tried different glass occluding situations and it's behaving super...
  11. Av8rThor

    Blender Airport HDRi for Blender

    Here i am attaching a 360 png from an air museum in Sacramento McClellan. It has a hanger and windows with asphalt and a few aircraft for reference. I used it to model my windows (although in eevee they don't quite look the same). I find this a bit helpful as it more represents where I will be...
  12. pyreegue

    MSFS 3DS Max 2020, Glass.

    I've spent quite a lot of time trying to figure this yet I still can't. Has any of you guys been able to create proper glass in MFS through 3ds? Mine's either opaque, or has too much opacity(with just a tiny bit of transparency). Photos attached below. Official SDK has, let's say, a very subtle...
  13. OzWookiee

    MSFS Transparency for Windscreen textures

    Hey folks, Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this issue with the windscreens not rendering properly in the sim? I've set the Material in Blender to "windscreen" and the texture has Alpha set to completly transparent. Have the same issue with instrument glass in the cockpit.
  14. Rotornut44

    Internal modeling not visible through semi-transparent texture.

    Hello. I have been building a greenhouse model off and on over the last few days. The model I have designed is a metal frame greenhouse with what is suppose to be a plastic cover over the entire metal frame. (The frame is just a 2D texture) I have added an alpha channel to my single texture...
  15. RicherSims

    P3D v4 Transparency.... again!.... (Transparent objects behind other Transparent Objects)

    In the image above, the foreground object is glass on a bridge to a jetway. The background object consists of a fully opaque glass material and a partly transparent material for the terminal walls. As you can see any transparent material behind the bridge glass disappears. Funny thing is, this...
  16. Rotornut44

    MCX - Some parts invisible behind transparent glass. (Solved)

    Good evening, I have been working on a static Super Cub model for one of my sceneries. The model itself is a low poly model that I purchased from CG Trader. The person who created the base model only made it with one seat and an open internal fuselage, so I took it upon myself to add a second...
  17. Pyscen

    FSXA Reflection slot?

    Arno,... reading the subtitle on the "Use Global environment map as reflection" slot: It reads "This enables the global reflection texture or environment map. If this is unchecked and a custom environment map is used (in the reflection texture slot), then that will be used for reflection." I...