1. F

    P3D v4 pbr reflection seems off

    hi, im currently developing wmkp airport for p3dv4 and wanted to i. olement a bit of pbr feature in my scenery, but when it comes to the terminal glass reflection it seems a bit weird from the viewing angle. any idea what is the problem might be? modeled in blender and exportrd using mcx
  2. H01VE

    static stuff

    :) some recent meshes
  3. R

    ADE wont compile MDL file

    Hello. I've found an error when compiling the LFPG airport with the jetway extension from JFK (jfk_jetway01). When i press "compile", there comes up an window which displays the error, which i will attach in this post. I've used the ModelConverterX to export the jetway extension to MDL file...
  4. G

    ADE and Model (MDL) Files

    Hello guys, I'm working on a project and created some custom MDL files. The idea was to insert the Models into the current ADE project, to be able to place them on the ARP. Following the steps: - add Models via Menu -> List -> Models - place them on the ARP - compile I manage to see them in...
  5. Michael21

    Error: Index was out of range

    Hello guys. Someone had this error before? Would be nice if you could help me. Thanks!
  6. Leo2789

    FS2004 Looking for OBJ modeler/designer - Castles & Bridges (SketchUp/Gmax/Blender)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for anybody who might be interested in helping me out with a mega project I have in the making, of which you can read more about in the following thread:
  7. N

    Sketchup to Blender

    so I have a objekt with texture in sketchup, and when I am trying to import the objekt to Blender, the objekt is mossigt it’s texture, how do I import the objekt with texture?
  8. Dag@bert

    empty models list and multiple program start

    empty models list: When I open an airport again, 90% of the time I see an empty models list and black squares only. But sometimes not (10%), no idea why - good to have the models list exported as html. ^^ I copy and paste all 40 or more names of the models back into the list, doubleclick all...
  9. M


    Hi folks, I looked around and couldn't find a reference for the "model.cfg" file which goes in simobjects/aircraft/objectname/model. I know that in most aircraft, model.cfg has two entries: normal=exteriorMDLfileName interior=interiorMDLfileName Are there any other entries allowed? Is there...
  10. M

    Freelance 3D Modeller/Renderer

    Looking for some part time work. Very good knowledge of 3Ds max, inventor (CAD), photoshop and illustrator. Message if interested or for more info/portfolio Thanks Matt
  11. K

    P3D v3 [ERROR] Model Already in List

    Hi All, I was editing an airport yesterday and I had already placed on model, but when I tried to add another model ADE gave me this error. The model I was trying to add had a different name too. I would like to add another model to my list, but this is blocking me from doing that. Thank you...
  12. H

    I'm getting mad at modelling

    Hey guys, Probably most of you already know that I have been trying to introduce me to 3d modelling since really a lot of time ago... After giving up so many times, being busy and stuff.. I have decided that I have to make a step further or stop this. I'm normally a 2d artist (graphic design...