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  1. Michael21

    MSFS Same model with different textures?

    Hi all, Please, tell me if it's possible to have the same model (not simobject), for example a static car (for parking) or human, with different textures (liveries) for it? Thank you!
  2. unc1rlm

    Why does it look like this

    I am tryiong to understand why the Bin file in MCX looks like this compared to what it looks like in Blender. I am using 3.3.1 and MSFS Toolkit. I do not understand how to set up the new exporter with Collection 1/20 etc etc etc. BobM.
  3. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [Deleted]

  4. Ahunterg95

    Blender Texturing a 3D model in Blender, Please HELP!

    Hi all, I'm new to 3D modelling and texturing; after realising that placing objects into the sim is only a limited portion of scenery development... A few months ago I completed the doughnut tutorial, then made this hut as my very first ever 3D Model... I think I made it far too detailed 😂...
  5. A

    MSFS ai model converted from .mdl to gITF (MSFS)

    Hello, I have a little problem and I would like to know if someone can help me: I have converted with the MCX program, a file ".mdl" of a model airplane, to gITF to be able to be used in MSFS. Once done, when injecting it into MSFS (in this case with psxseecontraffic), the plane can be heard but...
  6. E

    MSFS Refreshing the model without restarting the sim

    I can't remember how it was before SU5 but I think it was working fine. Anyway, since SU5, I can't refresh the interior model without restarting the sim. Each time I modify the interior model XML file (A320_NEO_INTERIOR.xml in my case), I try to refresh it using the 'Load' button of the aircraft...
  7. AndreasR

    Cant load custom objects

    I cant load my custom object files anymore, when I open my project they show up as unkown. Also cant "Load in Editor" my modelLib from the inspector
  8. B

    Can someone build a mod of the new Boeing Defiant copter with push prop ?

    Can someone build a mod of the new Boeing Defiant copter with push prop ?
  9. C

    Can´t see Blender objects in MSFS2020

    Hi; I have been trying to export Blender Models to MSFS following the Flying THeston videos. Sometimes. I could do it, but some times (many) I am not able to see my models in the SIM. I did it the same many, many, many times, and sometimes I got it, but many, no. I am going crazy. I have Blender...
  10. hutchcj

    [Paid project] Looking for people to build a new aircraft model for MSFS2020 and/or X-Plane

    We are currently designing and building an all-electric two-seat aircraft. The physical prototype is well underway, but we also want to create a realistic flying model for MSFS2020 and/or X-Plane. We have the CAD models of the aircraft so can supply that side of things. But we need help...
  11. JamesBApilot

    3DS Max 3D Modeller - Paid Opportunity

    Hi All, Looking to find a 3D Modeller for a project a group of us are working on for the current flight sims. This involves the modeling of scenery/aircraft/flight sim objects. This is a paid role and payment would be agreed for the work completed (Pre-Arranged). Experience in 3D modeling...
  12. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Visibility

    I'm in the process of getting some of my 3-D models ready for the MFS. A few of these models are said to have some intelligence. That worked with the windsock and a clock. The clock shows the local time and the windsock turns into the wind when the wind direction changes. So far so good, but...
  13. RomanDesign

    MSFS Is it possible to change a texture of a Asobo default generic hangar?

    I would like to improve my local airfield, and some of the default generic hangars avaiable in the scenery editor look very similar, but I need to change walls to blue siding, and roof to red siding from whatever color is on the default. Is it possible to locate this specific hangar by its name...
  14. F

    P3D v4 pbr reflection seems off

    hi, im currently developing wmkp airport for p3dv4 and wanted to i. olement a bit of pbr feature in my scenery, but when it comes to the terminal glass reflection it seems a bit weird from the viewing angle. any idea what is the problem might be? modeled in blender and exportrd using mcx
  15. H01VE

    static stuff

    :) some recent meshes
  16. R

    ADE wont compile MDL file

    Hello. I've found an error when compiling the LFPG airport with the jetway extension from JFK (jfk_jetway01). When i press "compile", there comes up an window which displays the error, which i will attach in this post. I've used the ModelConverterX to export the jetway extension to MDL file...
  17. G

    ADE and Model (MDL) Files

    Hello guys, I'm working on a project and created some custom MDL files. The idea was to insert the Models into the current ADE project, to be able to place them on the ARP. Following the steps: - add Models via Menu -> List -> Models - place them on the ARP - compile I manage to see them in...
  18. Michael21

    Error: Index was out of range

    Hello guys. Someone had this error before? Would be nice if you could help me. Thanks!
  19. Leo2789

    FS2004 Looking for OBJ modeler/designer - Castles & Bridges (SketchUp/Gmax/Blender)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for anybody who might be interested in helping me out with a mega project I have in the making, of which you can read more about in the following thread: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/portugal-vfr-the-ultimate-complete-scenery-for-portugal-wip.442495/...
  20. N

    Sketchup to Blender

    so I have a objekt with texture in sketchup, and when I am trying to import the objekt to Blender, the objekt is mossigt it’s texture, how do I import the objekt with texture?