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  1. Djeez

    MSFS Blender2MSFS does not export my texture

    Hi, I have a simple model with a single texture file. It looks fine in Blender but when exporting the model using the Export for MSFS, I get the bin, xml and gltf file but no texture file. As I am new to Blender, it could be that I missed a crucial step. I use a "Diffuse BSDF" surface with...
  2. F

    Tutorial video about creating materials and individual runway markings

    Here is my new SDK tutorial video (german language with english subtitles) about individiual materials and runway markings: Have fun !
  3. Torealise

    MSFS Open saved scenery

    I can create 3d model of building in 3d max, export it using Multi Exporter, and then open .xml project file in Project Editor, then in Inspector i can build package, and press Load in Editor. After that in Scenery Editor -> Objects i can find my 3d model exported from 3d max, and place it in...
  4. Torealise

    MSFS Export camera from 3d max to MSFS2020 [PAID]

    I need some tool to export animated camera from 3d max to MSFS2020 to specific place. If there is anyone who can develop it for me, please contact me.
  5. S

    Mission Development: Script Editor/Nodes

    So, if what I understand is correct, in order to decompile the mission xml files which are located within the .spb files in the Official folder, you need the propdefs file located in the encrypted folder of the WindowsApps for the MS Store version. While you can access these folders through the...
  6. Y

    MSFS Taxi Light Scenery Object Not illuminating in Sim

    Hi all, I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my lights won't show up in the Sim despite being placed in the scenery using developer mode. These are the lights named 'Taxi_Light_02' from the MSFS stock Scenery Objects. I can place them but in the sim they are dark at night is this a...
  7. hoynedawg

    MSFS NZA Simulations YPKG, Kalgoorlie-Boulder

    NZA Simulations - NZ & AUS MFS2020 Discord - YPKG & Kalgoorlie-Boulder Scenery Pack 1.0 Part of the New Zealand and Australian Scenery Series - Launch of the free download for Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Credit: Pack by: Hoynedawg...
  8. P

    SDK Missing SimVars?

    Hi, I've been working on my home cockpit for FS2020 for a few weeks. Using the example SimVarWatcher project along with the documentation, I can't seem to find the SimVars for Master Warning or Master Caution. I even searched the Event IDs as these maybe set there?? I am not sure. Does anyone...
  9. T

    MSFS [SOLVED] VS C++ generate .wasm.recipe instead of .wasm

    Hi, I can't find answer of my problem anywhere else, so i hope anyone here can explain me how to generate a .wasm from my VS. It should create .wasm file as the configuration type is set correctly. But the generation result in this .wasm.recipe file And this happen no matter what project...
  10. squawkingvfr

    Help with RNAV approach

    I'm working on adding RNAV approaches to an airport I made (KIOW), because they don't exist in MSFS for some reason. Anyway, I'm wondering if someone else can vet this XML and make sure I'm actually accomplishing what it should be, relative to the approach plate. <Approach type="RNAV"...
  11. D

    MSFS S20 - Goldendale, WA - USA

  12. D

    MSFS X06 - Arcadia Mun, Florida

  13. Uwajimaya

    MSFS Mod priority options?

    Hello all, As we get more and more FS2020 mods, we also get more mod conflicts. Does anyone have any idea if it's possible to set a mod load priority/ranking or even load ignore? The manifest.json file might be the place to do it, but it currently contains no flags or other info that would...
  14. G

    MSFS2020 Looking for Developers [Paid]

    Hi, We are looking to hire developer(s) to assist in a project where we want to import moveable models into MSFS2020, and control them using Simconnect and data received over LAN. You will need to have experience working with Simconnect and 3d models. This will be a long term project, with...
  15. F

    Licensing for editing sat imagery

    I think it is clear that for selling addons which contain custom sat imagery, you must buy the imagery with a license to be able to sell it. But what happens when you just want to make edits / improvements to the existing bing maps tiles? Let's say to remove ships from the images in order to...
  16. F

    MSFS Object placement, relative coordinates and rotations

    Is it possible to create a scene in blender (or any other 3d editing software) with many objects (not just a single mesh) and have the exact placement and orientation of objects in-sim as well? I guess a method of parenting all object to a single parent, and then use all the relative positions...
  17. LockJaw

    MSFS Designing correct scenery for KXTA (Homey Airport)

    Hi all, I'm incredibly new to developing airport scenery. So I have some questions. In MSFS I get a kick out of flying JANET planes to KXTA (Homey Airport), but for obvious reasons the scenery isn't accurate at all. I would like to redesign the airport as close as possible to current photos and...
  18. C

    Weird Texture Issue After Moving Objects In MCX

    Hi I took models I originally made into a glTF file in blender and imported it into MCX to fix the origin points of all the models in my scenery. The Issue is now I have this weird transparent green texture on all my models in when I import them into the sim. I’ve attached a few pictures to show...
  19. J

    MSFS MSFS 2020 Mission available here

    I have created a FREE Mission addon for MSFS 2020. It is available on the FS developers forum at https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/test-your-pilot-merit-free-msfs-2020-mission-available-here.449182/ Please consider testing it out and providing feedback for me. Thanks!
  20. J

    MSFS Test your pilot merit! Free MSFS 2020 Mission available here.

    Good morning MSFS 2020 Community. I have begun development of what I believe to be an exceptional add on application for MSFS2020. I can't offer up too many details at this point, but I wanted to give you a sample of some of the capabilities that are already present. The software available in...