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  1. Uwajimaya

    MSFS Mod priority options?

    Hello all, As we get more and more FS2020 mods, we also get more mod conflicts. Does anyone have any idea if it's possible to set a mod load priority/ranking or even load ignore? The manifest.json file might be the place to do it, but it currently contains no flags or other info that would...
  2. G

    MSFS2020 Looking for Developers [Paid]

    Hi, We are looking to hire developer(s) to assist in a project where we want to import moveable models into MSFS2020, and control them using Simconnect and data received over LAN. You will need to have experience working with Simconnect and 3d models. This will be a long term project, with...
  3. F

    Licensing for editing sat imagery

    I think it is clear that for selling addons which contain custom sat imagery, you must buy the imagery with a license to be able to sell it. But what happens when you just want to make edits / improvements to the existing bing maps tiles? Let's say to remove ships from the images in order to...
  4. F

    MSFS Object placement, relative coordinates and rotations

    Is it possible to create a scene in blender (or any other 3d editing software) with many objects (not just a single mesh) and have the exact placement and orientation of objects in-sim as well? I guess a method of parenting all object to a single parent, and then use all the relative positions...
  5. LockJaw

    MSFS Designing correct scenery for KXTA (Homey Airport)

    Hi all, I'm incredibly new to developing airport scenery. So I have some questions. In MSFS I get a kick out of flying JANET planes to KXTA (Homey Airport), but for obvious reasons the scenery isn't accurate at all. I would like to redesign the airport as close as possible to current photos and...
  6. C

    Weird Texture Issue After Moving Objects In MCX

    Hi I took models I originally made into a glTF file in blender and imported it into MCX to fix the origin points of all the models in my scenery. The Issue is now I have this weird transparent green texture on all my models in when I import them into the sim. I’ve attached a few pictures to show...
  7. J

    MSFS MSFS 2020 Mission available here

    I have created a FREE Mission addon for MSFS 2020. It is available on the FS developers forum at https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/test-your-pilot-merit-free-msfs-2020-mission-available-here.449182/ Please consider testing it out and providing feedback for me. Thanks!
  8. J

    MSFS Test your pilot merit! Free MSFS 2020 Mission available here.

    Good morning MSFS 2020 Community. I have begun development of what I believe to be an exceptional add on application for MSFS2020. I can't offer up too many details at this point, but I wanted to give you a sample of some of the capabilities that are already present. The software available in...
  9. G

    MSFS Emissive materials problem

    Hi, I have imported my first airport tower into MSFS2020 with correct textures. Now i'm trying to achieve the day/night cycle, so i make sure to put the emissive texture on the slot and set the emissive value to 1, but when i import it to the sim, this is what i see: It is as if the simulator...
  10. J

    MSFS MSFS2020 SimConnect in Winforms && Wpf WORKING, but some help needed. CODE EXAMPLES INCLUDED

    I have a partially working CSharp wrapper that seems to be communicating with MSFS2020 via SimConnect failry well. I am however, running into some issues with a few of the SimVars and was hoping someone could help me out. Specifically, I am unable to get the following values from SimConnect that...
  11. L

    MSFS Using SimToolKitPro on a remote computer with MSFS

    After a lot of trial and error I finally managed to get SimToolKitPro running on a secondary Windows computer, connected to my gaming computer running the sim. Since there seem to be some interest in this and no guides I can find I am posting how I got it to work here! This thread by Dutch got...
  12. FlyingsCool

    MSFS MSFS How to turn N-Number off?

    Hi, Been banging my head against the wall on this. I'm trying to do a repaint of a 1979 C-152. In that year, Cessna put the N-Number in small characters on the vertical tailplane, so I'd like to turn off the N-Number decals on the fuselage and underside of the wing. In the aircraft.cfg file...
  13. S

    [WIP] Srinivasman Freeware Washington DC for MSFS2020

    Thought I would show off my (in progress) DC scenery pack. Comes out next week. Hope you guys are excited!
  14. K

    MSFS Python script to generate Scenery folders v2

    Hi I created a script to automatically generate all the folder structure you will need for a scenery pre importing the blender models I recommend to use my second version which it's tagged as experimental but only because a person told me on a previous post than simple scenary templates (which...
  15. K

    MSFS Did someone find how to add lights or red beacon lights to scenery?

    I tried a red beacon someone put on reddit but if you go far you stop see them, I know there are white lights in the game but I didnt find them in the scenery objects. Someone know the name?
  16. M

    MSFS What is the simpliest 3d object from blender to msfs2020

    Hi Folks, I am dipping into this whole msfs2020 scenery as I want to add VFR VRPs to my local area (VFR is sooo much better in msfs2020). I have dabbled with creating 3d objects in the past, but this is completely different to my day job as a Software Engineer. I prefer to get...
  17. sleepy_t

    MSFS Placing a rotating red beacon on top of tall building

    Dear forum, I just started creating assets for MSFS and am learning Blender while creating these. I did successfully created a television tower with the correct texturing, height, etc. It's working well in the FS. But because of the height I would like to have a red beacon on top of the...
  18. H

    Can you create simvars?

    Hi, I have a SimConnect client setup and working, but it feels kind of pointless. I can create data definitions in Microsoft's servers but how do I actually access them from the game? For example, can I create my own simvar and then read that from an FMS of an aircraft? Help is greatly...
  19. OzWookiee

    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    Redistributing payware aircraft is reserved as the sole right of the original developers. So too, redistribution of freeware aircraft is similarly reserved by the original developers without prior consent. The first is illegal and falls under piracy, the second is showing respect for other...
  20. FSWindowSeat

    MSFS SimConnect - Accessing Local Variables

    Hi all - I was very happy to learn that MSFS2020 came with a SDK and that it supports SimConnect as well. While I've been able to convert some of my work to the new SDK, I'm struggling with accessing local variables. In FSX Lvars were only accessible via the panels system, which in turn could...