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  1. A

    MCX A suggestion for MCX

    Hello, @arno ! It's been a quite some time now using your tools, especially MCX. It is a great tool! Thx! However, I think it can be further improved in terms of user experience. This is not a request but a suggestion, how the title says ) What I think you could do to improve interaction with...
  2. weok-sim

    MSFS Polygons material tiling / offset breaks in the package

    Hello. I am trying to use polygons and custom material as a universal tool to fix certain areas of satellite imagery. In the screenshot on the left everything works fine in editor, but package (screenshot on the right) breaks offset and maybe tiling for texture. The tiling setting is something...
  3. N

    FPS-windows position

    I'm trying to find a solution to display my FPS in VR. The DevMode/FPS is positioned upper right corner and not possible to see when in VR. Wonder if there is a config file where we can set x/y to have it positioned lower. Maybe mid right would do the trick. Have anyone come across this setting?
  4. B

    MSFS Should a very simple html gauge work in MSFS2020?

    Hi, I am in the process of creating (custom) gauges and integrating them into my (custom) aircraft. Due to the low complexity that I need, I will use html. I'm sorry in advance if this post seems very basic and low-level. I'm trying my best to keep everything very simple and not make things...
  5. R

    Keypress multiple events

    Hi, I am using SimConnect with MSFS2020. I am capturing keypresses using the technique from the sample InputEvent, only modified for C#. Issue: For a single keypress, SimConnect receives 5 or 6 (or more) events from MSFS. I have verified this using FSUIPC logging. I have tried to remove...
  6. muffo

    MSFS Question abou different aprons

    HI Jon, reading sdk manual, I seen, in apron section, that you can create different: disk, square and default. In future release, will be implemented?
  7. sim4flight

    Flexible Positions Available

    Sim4Flight is looking for talented developers to join its A35X endeavour! While we have made considerable progress on our flagship project: The A35X for MSFS. We want to increase our production speed to a more favourable level and are looking for more talented developers to add to our team...
  8. Areographer

    MSFS Missing Ground Markings

    On a couple of my airports (KCAK, KCMH) a couple of users (and I mean only a couple...lol) have mentioned that they are not seeing ground markings on the aprons. However, I see them just fine (obviously since it is "on" my system). I had one person who downloaded my scenery (flightsim.to) post...
  9. Paddy211185

    MSFS Get flightplan as simvarIables

    i am looking for a way to load all latitudes and longitudes of the flight plan into an ingamepanel, unfortunately i can only find the sim variables for the last and next waypoint. Is this possible at all? Thanks for help.
  10. Paddy211185

    MSFS How to disable transfer of keyboard input within ingamepanel to Simulator?

    Hello, I am looking for a way to not transfer the keystrokes within a text field that is in an ingame-panel to the simulator. For example: If I enter the key n in a textfield inside an ingamepanel, no navlog opens.
  11. M

    MFS2020 SDK Camera bug - Dev camera with different resolution

    (Sorry in advance for my English) I have some trouble with the in game sdk. When I try to adjust the aerodynamics and geometry the dev camera doesn't align whith the camera. It also happens when I use a PBR channel as i show you with the images. I tried using the game in window mode and changing...
  12. dadpash

    Ntdll crash to desktop

    Hi to all, please help me to resolve the problem I used asobo textures for apron and my own apron textures for markings. In my other projects it`s work (no problem). But in this project I have this issue CTD with this error: Faulting application name: FlightSimulator.exe, version:
  13. danthehitman

    How to set PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT:x values

    I have been struggling to set payload weights, or even get the number of payload stations, using c#. Setting fuel works fine so I at least understand the basic concept, but when I try and set payload station weight it doesnt have any effect, and when I try and get the count it get an error of...
  14. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Progress Update] NZMK - Motueka, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    NZA Simulations is proud to bring you a new freeware airport to tie in with our upcoming payware release of NZNS - Nelson. We have kept this one quiet.. NZMK - Motueka .. coming soon! Massive thanks to Blake and Terry for all the time spent grabbing references for this one...
  15. H

    ILS BUG?

    hello everyone, i am currently working in a small airport and i have this problem with ils It turns out that the LOC is always pointing to the left, Although the plane is aligned with the runway, this also happens to me in other airports created by others but not the default airports...
  16. H

    MSFS Default DEM resolution?

    Hello everyone, does anyone know what is the resolution of the default DEM of FS2020? and where can I get free dem of 20m or less for south america?
  17. AndreasR

    MSFS Specific blender file ruins package building, need help!

    So i have spent around 200 hours modelling in blender, all of a sudden when I try to build the package with the models I have created I get the errors attached as a picture here in the console. I have another file which is from the early stages of my project, this loads fine into MSFS, its this...
  18. Luicid

    Blender Make LODs when there is animations ?

    Hello friends devlopers, In the making of a chairlift, I have some animations pushed to NLATracks. When I tried to make some LODs, the export failed by not exporting LOD01 and LOD02 bins I know how to make LODs for statics objets (like the scene micronesia we have made) so the main problem...
  19. K

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Hello! Kevin from PilotEdge here. I’m looking for someone who can create an aircraft for MSFS2020 from scratch- however I can nearly guarantee this will be the easiest aircraft you have ever made. The quality can be fairly poor (so beginners are welcome to try) and the aircraft literally just...
  20. AndreasR

    Cant load custom objects

    I cant load my custom object files anymore, when I open my project they show up as unkown. Also cant "Load in Editor" my modelLib from the inspector