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scenery editor

  1. vbazillio

    MSFS Limit parking spot to helicopters

    I have a small scenery where I want to avoid having small AI GA planes parked, it's helicopters' spots. Some are even for Police helicopters ;) I can remove the parking position, but players won't be able to choose this parking position to start a flight. Is there a way, in the MSFS Scenery...
  2. B

    MSFS How to edit a BGL scenery

    Hello, so I was trying to edit a scenery in BGL format to remove a couple of buildings from it, but I don't know where to start. I don't have any XML file or anything from it. All I have are 3 BGL files, and a texture folder. Any advice will be appreciated ^^
  3. vbazillio

    Assistance reset to EASY after BUILD ALL in MSFS Scenery Editor

    Since SU7, did you notice that ASSISTANCE gets back to EASY after each BUID ALL in MSFS Scenery Editor. Even if in between you set it to TRUE-TO-LIFE then save, after next BUILD you'll get back to EASY. That's ridiculous.
  4. E

    [Help] Polygons in wrong place after building airport scenery

    For some reason in MSFS2020 when I place polygons and texture them, after I build the airport and load it, they are all slight moved and rotated. It's very infuriating. Any ideas what's going on here? You can see that the concrete square is not straight, and the polygon to cover up a white...
  5. C

    MSFS Messed up scenery after building package

    I am currently being held up by a problem I never encountered before. While actually editing my scenery within the scenery editor everything is fine (Pic 1) After the package is build (and when I load a flight) all of a sudden all of my terraforming is all over the place and some objects placed...
  6. halobungie

    Last Update from 07.01.2021

    Hello, After the Last Update from the 07.01.2021 (DEVELOPMENT UPDATE) i can't start the Scenery editor! Have you the same problem? And did someone know a Solution for this issue? Kind regards, Andreas
  7. Torealise

    MSFS Open saved scenery

    I can create 3d model of building in 3d max, export it using Multi Exporter, and then open .xml project file in Project Editor, then in Inspector i can build package, and press Load in Editor. After that in Scenery Editor -> Objects i can find my 3d model exported from 3d max, and place it in...