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  1. peacefarm

    MSFS Pavement/Ground Poly Workflow (MSFS)

    Hello all. First of all, this is something that has been haunting me for years now and I finally decided to sit and address it and that is: PAVEMENT. After seeing and trying many of the methods available to us, I have to wonder; what do you use and WHY? So far, I've made my own textures and...
  2. M

    MSFS Ground texturing help

    Hello, i need help on how can i archive an apron like the one in the image. I don't know where i should start and how can i make it like this one below please. Thank you!
  3. JohanP

    Interior Textures

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get my P3D scenery working in MSFS, but having used Sketchup almost exclusively for modelling I'm a bit lost in the world of Blender. The import from sketchup via .obj into Blender seems to work ok. However i do notice that the inside of my building is textured as...
  4. D

    MSFS making weather with seamless textures?

    Hi, I am very new to scenery development, after many many hours to learn creating models with blender works meanwhile quite well. I am just totally unsure what is the best workflow for texturing. Sorry for a total noob question, but how do i get dirt and rust etc. on a roof that is created...
  5. F

    Texturing Hard Surfaces

    Hi all, I've posted before with some questions that I've managed to figure out but I'm still struggling with a certain aspect of texture creation for my airport (I have a thread on the MSFS forum where I post progress). Texturing buildings is relatively straightforward, I've figured out UV...
  6. Apoorv Pal

    Methodology for Ground Polygons

    Hey, I have recently begun developing airport sceneries for Prepar3D and I use Blender to model and export the objects. While working on the Ground Polygons, what process do you follow for the texturing? Most tutorials I see online use tiling of base textures (asphalt/concrete and cracks) over...
  7. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v4 When you're taking pixel pushing way too serious

    Over the past 11 years I taught myself the art of texturing which I pushed to a pretty much super ridiculous level. It all started with Cheese-Strike Repaints back in 2009 and now developed to Cheesy Simulations (pun intended) over the years. I've tried 3d modelling with Gmax and 3dsMax but...
  8. C

    P3D v4 Making runway textures

    Hello everyone! How are you making runway textures? I tried one tiling texture for all runway. I am doing small airport, and there are a lot of cracks, potholes and etc. So if I made base tiling texture, now I have to make lots of planes with crack textures and etc. This method is really...
  9. C

    ContrailDesigns | Positions Available

    ContrailDesigns has positions open that deal with with modeling & texturing! Send an email over to nortonj@contraildesigns.com & we can chat more! Thanks!
  10. spkier18

    P3D v4 3Dsmax need help regarding putting textures on model

    Hello, i got a little RV14 laying in my 3dsmax the SDK is setup and some of the gauges are made and the UV mapping is set on the guages so applying shouldnt be a issue but i exported a .BMP file from photoshop 512x512 (as it needs to be a power of two if i am correct) then i added the bitmap...
  11. Ronald

    Blender - Tutorial / Ebook - "The Beginners Guide into Cycles, the procedural way"

    The Beginners Guide into Cycles, the procedural way: 180 pages document written Joakim Tornhill from Blender Insights - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zk2mWLxdRZmNLi6uww32LvGUJUQimrPFFKaoFbZ7_Jc/edit
  12. M

    Freelance 3D Modeller/Renderer

    Looking for some part time work. Very good knowledge of 3Ds max, inventor (CAD), photoshop and illustrator. Message if interested or for more info/portfolio Thanks Matt
  13. East Coast Simulations

    Texture Mapping in Sketchup

    Hello, My name is Kyle Kato and I am a co-owner of East Coast Simulations, a new scenery developer for FSX/P3D. Our team is currently focused on creating models and textures for our airports, and we have come across an issue we are looking for advice on. One of our developers is currently...