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ADE Freeze

ADE freezes when I try to open a stock airport. I have downloaded the latest patch. After installing the patch I no longer get the "system null reference exception" error message. Trying to use the program with P3D V4..5 and Orbx Global base pack. have the latest net framework
Hi Larry:

While we await a reply from Jon Masterson (aka "Scruffyduck") it might be helpful to the anticipated troubleshooting process to post a link to the original details of the errors you have been experiencing since first reported here in this thread:


Hope this link to pertinent info may prove useful in the troubleshooting process. :)

PS: Would you please give us an example ICAO for a default (aka "stock") P3Dv4.5 airport that you tried opening in ADE ? :scratchch

Additionally, please tell us if you have also installed the OrbX Global Airport Pack:




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It is likely not freezing, it just takes a very long time to generate the building footprints. To avoid this download the footprint pack and install it.


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I agree with Tom. Please download the footprint pack from the downloads page at www.scruffyduck.org.
You are right fellows! The program just took about 10 minutes to generate the footprint. I had already installed the footprint pack and I thought it should load quickly. Thanks very much to all of you for your help.

Indeed, ADE may not yet have some "custom" Generic Building footprints in its downloadable footprint pack yet.

Thus, some airports may occasionally still incur a delay while loading in ADE, as its scans / processes data to create "custom" footprints.



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Gary - generic buildings are all rectangular and do not have detailed footprints. This applies only to library objects. The footprint pack will not contain any custom third party library objects and ADE will have to create them 'on they fly'
Hi Jon:

Thanks for the explanation of how ADE implements Arno's utility function to create footprints of MDL-based scenery library objects from IIUC, a "hybrid" airport-type BGL that contains:

* MDLs within a code element that defines a 'library' (which may be "Generic Buildings" created by SBuilderX and compiled to MDL ) ;)

...along with:

* Placement info for that MDL object (which, IIRC, being in the same BGL as the MDL ...effectively "Geo-locks" the MDL to that airport)

...as well as:

* Airport Facilities Data / infrastructure objects

...rather than:

* Single / co-located Generic Buildings rendered at run time via BGLComp XML within 'placement' code elements in the same BGL. :)

IIRC, I have seen some 'buildings' at stock and custom airports that are actually composed of (2) or more co-located (superimposed) Generic Buildings used to create a general shape more suggestive of the real world building.


Thus, I had inferred that this ADE feature was intended to derive a footprint for the final 'building' base as a 1-piece / single drawing layer "composite" of such superimposed objects ...in lieu of having a graphic thumbnail for such objects otherwise compiled as a 3D MDL.

In my haste, apparently I had also misunderstood contextual implications of what was being done with "generic buildings" cited here: :oops:


While this is certainly interesting technology, I'm curious as to how it may offer an advantage to the developer when used in lieu of a graphic thumbnail (with properties) for such objects otherwise compiled as a 3D MDL with footprint dimension info as a workspace 'tool-tip' pop-up ?

AFAIK, ADE does not currently include a footprint database within a ADE installation ZIP downloadable via the Scruffyduck web site, so is there a way to selectively disable the otherwise automatic scanning of airports for such objects until it is wanted / required by ADE end users ? :scratchch

FYI: I have reviewed the documentation here:


...but it is not clear whether end users can separately toggle off the scanning / creation of newly encountered objects while still retaining the ability to display such objects as have already been entered into the ADE footprint database ...during an ADE work session.

If this option has not yet been included in ADE, I believe that such a separate control feature would be a useful enhancement. :idea:

PS: Some of us hope to see ex: ADE, SBuilderX, MCX, ScenProc etc. ...utilize such 'footprints', as described by ACES' Doug Matthews: :wizard:


That object technically (is) not a Library Object. It looks like a Library Object (same format, placement information etc.) but it was not authored by an artist and placed with the other artist authored models. Our (internal, non-SDK) export process allows for certain Generic Buildings that are either grouped together with other Generic Buildings or have irregular footprints to be programmatically extruded into models which are embedded within the bgl containing their placement information.

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