P3D v3 ADE Poor Performance with P3D open.


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Just curious, has anyone else had any performance issues with ADE while their sim is running? For whatever reason, if I have P3Dv3 running (Even Paused and collapsed to the Taskbar) it's practically impossible to use ADE, it lags so bad. I've had this issue for a while, but use to, if I Paused then collapsed the sim to the Taskbar, (As I tried above) I would be able to use ADE just fine. I don't understand what the issue could be. CPU and GPU are barely taking any load while memory is only at 31%.


Any ideas? There must be a bottleneck somewhere. I don't remember if this happened with FSX or P3Dv4 as well. My v4 license needs to be renewed, so I'm currently unable to test that..


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Well to be honest I can't see any particular delays in the program. There are several reasons for apparent hanging in ADE.

The first relates to comms between ADE and the sim. I can only find one reference to this in the log:


This shows three attempts to connect two of one second and the third of four seconds. ADE only logs connections taking longer than one second.

The second relates to loading airports. Specifically generation of detailed footprints. If you haven't downloaded the model footprint database from the same page as the ADE download then ADE will be creating footprints as you load airports. This is a slow process. However there is only one apparent file load in the log which happened quickly:


Can you please confirm that this problem is only apparent when the Sim is running?
Not ADE theme, but i´ve same thing with FSX-SE and Sbuilder open... with ADE im only get the freeze if FSX-SE connect, im close FSX-SE and all return to ok.