FSX Airbus A350xwb

Would it be possible to Show us more Close-up 3D Shots of the repaint? I am curiouse about the Details on the fuselarge... espescially in the front... as well as in the rear and the enigine section as well as in the tail section...

Thanks a lot!
Yeah sure i will post them
unfortunately no as He does not want that to happen TDS only owns Boeing's in the fleet no airbus its completely Under My Sim Soft till now. But he is Credited and added with the Dev team :) because he helped a lot a very good developer
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This Aircraft is been in development since 12th December 2014. Almost near to make 1st year development. so far so good
yeah yet to get into small details btw don't worry i always think of a better quality and performance addon so there are some tricks to make it good with along the way and it should be much better with the original model :p
If you're making an FSX version is should work properly in P3D v1.4 and v2.x.
well lets see will need to buy P3D Pro Plus Developer License, let see when time comes. Still a long way to go for the release day. The more time i can give the more fast this aircraft comes out. Then we can move on to updates for this aircraft.