Airport Request(freeware)

Recently I started working on the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. The other day I found that LatinVFR had already made a really nice looking version of it. So I have decided to cancel the project and start on something needed.

If you have any suggestions I would be very grateful. I preferably want to build an airport in the states, but I am open to any suggestions. Right now I'm trying to find an airport that is not super large but not super tiny. I do plan to make this a freeware airport(if I ever finish it)

Well, since you're open to suggestions, I'd really like to see EHTE (Teuge, Netherlands) for FSX. I know that the NL2000 team has made it, but that's an outdated version (tankstation has moved, there are 5 new hangars, 2 static airplanes (1 hotel, 1 on a rod), runway lighting an a new 'tower'). If neccessery, I could make photo's.

I hope it got your attention :)

I really do like the look of that airport. I've already started gathering resources and imagery for it.

It probably won't turn out to be perfect because i'm kind of a beginner, but I will try my best.

Thanks for the idea.
With the help of others here on FSD, I think you will get a nice result ;)
But I wonder if you can find much about Teuge on the internet.
There's not a whole lot on the internet, but I think I have enough to start with.

I just finished with the photo-real ground, and in my opinion it looks pretty good.

I will be posting updates in the showroom forum and on my website.