FSX Airport Rotating and Moving

Chapter 12.6.6 (pg. 191) of the English user manual explains how to move or rotate an airport much better that I can here. Please note that this requires a Pro Key.

Hi Caleb:

I just found this thread as I did a search by user-name at FS Developer to see what your project interests are, after having replied to your recent inquiry regarding SBuilderX.

FYI: If for any reason you have not acquired a "ProKey" for ADE to access the "Rotate Airport" and other options, and need a 'free' way to do this, it could be done using "FSX Planner", which offers the "Rotate Airport" and a more limited set of other airport development features compared to ADE. ;)


Feel free to let me know by a post in this thread if you still need a work-around for this. :)

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