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Background Image in ADE

In my planning on creating a tool to download and create images from Google Maps, I came across a program called GMapCatcher, which it turns out does exactly what I wanted.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, I created a tutorial on how to download a high resolution satellite image and add it as a background image in ADE.

Please see the attached pdf document.

Edit 21-NOV-15:
Updated instructions to include SAS.Planet.


  • ADE Background Images Tutorial.pdf
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After adding the background image and then compile, shouldn't I see my new background image in FSX? I have the latest version of ADEX
No, it's just for use as a template. To make photoscenery in FSX, you need to make an .inf file with the information on it and run it through resample to compile a .bgl with the image in it. Look at the SDK for examples.

But you'd need to save it as a geotiff for it to work.

You need OSGeo4W tools, read here...


Basically, use the corner coordinates with a gdal translate script...

gdal_translate -a_srs "+proj=latlong +datum=WGS84" -of GTiff
-co "INTERLEAVE=PIXEL" -a_ullr 2.873697280883789 51.23955125258209
2.942361831665039 51.20725980992728 myfile.jpg myfile.tif

(W, N, E, S)

best to copy it into notepad and edit it, then copy & paste it with RMB into OSGeo4W (word wrap off).

So that it compiles a geotiff with the corner coordinates tagged.

It's best to do this after you have photoschopped it etc.

Amazing tutorial though Charly!! Thanks, this will be of great help.
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WOW! I learned something new today. I tried but disappointing that PNG is not good image very blurry image when I add>image. It doesn't good image. How do I get jpg for GMapcather when import map? But I thought I could snapper screenshot from my Google Earth and I got figure it out. It works! I found image was too small but I found image position for zoom in or out. It works! I'm glad that I learned something new now. I could quicker drawing on all taxiway and apron without using Google Earth ruler measure and measure and measure a lot of work on my hand time! Now, I don't have to use ruler anymore. Great! Thank you guys!

Good tutorial, thanks so much.

In the same way I can I load in ADE the background image obatined via SBuilderX which I used as template in Max without use GMapCatcher I suppose......

I need infact to match the taxiline created with Max (via background image from SBuilder X) with those one present in ADE stock airport, creating them from scratch.

Or better can I import directly a top-down view via FSX of my custom ground poly created with Max?
I'm using for creating background images an online tool: Rhumba gmaps, published by Dick (aka Rhumbaflappy), a moderator here at fsdeveloper.com. Those can be used for creating photo scenery with SBX as well.

Edit: Dick has links to some other useful tools here.

EDIT 2: It had been just the first glance making the whole thing more complicated than other ways. I just tried the tool and it is great. Nice finding and very useful, thanks!
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Hi has anyone got a good link for GMapCatcher, have googled it and unable find anything newer than 0805. Thanks
It worked for me when I tried it yesterday, although Chrome didn't like to download it.

I think I may be able to upload it to my website, but have to check the licence first.
I recommend SASPlanet, works with GMaps plus lots of other providers of digital imagery and reprojects to WGS84 on the fly unlike eg. FSEarthTiles: http://www.sasgis.org/download/

Take the latest version from Nov 11, 2015.

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Thanks. I'll have a look at it, and update the instructions. Looks a lot more stable and smoother than GMapCatcher.