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SDK Blender object not shown in MSFS!

Set up done

1. Created a static aircraft in blender and converted it with MSFSToolkit
2. Dropped the (.xml, .bin, .gltf) files of the aircraft into the aircraft folder created under PackageSources->modelLib->
3. Dropped the textures (JPG's and PNG's) into the texture folder created under PackageSources->modelLib
4. In SDK: Opened the project .xml and built it, then closed it and opened it again
5. Load the scenery bgl and try to add the aircraft model via objects window under scenery

So this does not work for me, I cannot find the model under scenery in objects. On several tutorials I saw they have the ArtProj in the main Project Editor window under the project bgl listed, maybe thats the one I'm missing?

I added a screenshot of changes he told me to make but I don't think that applies to my bgl file in the inspector, he refers probably to the ArtProj, right?


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Do I have to add the ArtProj asset manually?


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Open your PackageDefinition\[project].xml file and check the AssetDir. I think you may need to add PackageSources into your asset directory but it's been a few months since I've done a scenery so I've forgetten the finer details. I know I had problems with the backslash though and had to manually add it. A bug of MSFS at the time which I don't know if they fixed.

Here is an example.
        <AssetGroup Name="YEVD_lib">
        <AssetGroup Name="YEVD_plc">

The folder structure is:
----texture (all model textures go here)
----[each model is in the own separate folder which contains the bin, gltf and xml]

Also, change your output directory. Using scenery/global/scenery is dangerous.