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fs2020 sdk

  1. M

    SDK Help in creating an app in Js for vCockpit tools

    Hello all friends. this is my first time to post on the forum and I hope I am not doing anything wrong. I am starting to develop an app that will need to fit inside an airplane ipad. I followed the guide on how to create and insert a demo and everything works. Now comes my problem. i add a...
  2. danielhype

    3d exported Black

    Hello guys, i'm making a scenery for Microsoft Flight simulator, well, i exported all the 3d models, and 1 of these come with somenthing strange, all black, but only in one material, i tried everything and don't solve the problem, in the MSFS sdk it's black, but in Blender it's normal, with...
  3. O

    MSFS Modified default jetways help please

    Hi everyone, i need a little help please. I imported the default sample jetway in blender and saved it and exported as a custom jetway. Everything works fine except the Capote and Door. For some reason i can not figure out why is not rendering in the correct position inside the sim. Please take...
  4. BlackOdinAN2

    3dsMax 2019 Material Problems

    Hello folks, i have a little problem, as you can see in the pictures. When i start 3dMax 19, i have Flighsim material available in the Material Editor.... if i load my project, it's gone... Did I do something wrong during the installation? For me doesn't recognize it automatically...
  5. kevinmdavis2010

    MSFS Airport Name & Code Update

    Good morning, everyone: I've been playing MSFS 2020 for a while, and I noticed that one of my local airports has changed its real-world code, since the FAA allowed it to be a public airport. Right now, MSFS has the name set us "McDermott Air Park" with the code "31WI." However, since...
  6. R

    Only getting a small white cube in SDK when exporting/importing from Blender2MSFS

    Things I have done; Updated to the most current versions of Blender and Blender2MSFS Drawn a simple model with the Building Tools Plugin - Floor plan, walls, roof. No doors or windows. Create two separate textures with Albedo, Composite, and Normal Unwrapped the entire object and created a UV...
  7. R

    MSFS MSFS (2020): Which version (MS Store/Steam) from a developer standpoint?

    Hi guys, Just wondering which (if either) is best, specifically from an aircraft developer/SDK point of view? I'm a frequent Steam user, but normally purchase FS titles with their own DLC systems separately (IL-2 & DCS for e.g.). I like to have access to the installation folder and choose...
  8. Carmelo

    SDK Blender object not shown in MSFS!

    Set up done 1. Created a static aircraft in blender and converted it with MSFSToolkit 2. Dropped the (.xml, .bin, .gltf) files of the aircraft into the aircraft folder created under PackageSources->modelLib-> 3. Dropped the textures (JPG's and PNG's) into the texture folder created under...
  9. D

    blender object to msfs size to big

    Hello, I am a beginner in blender and fs2020 SDK... I designed a simple taxiway bridge .. nothing special (see the picture) , no texture applied yet... and i want to export it using Blender2MSFS tool. when i press export... computer stuck... looks like the object i am try to export is so...
  10. D

    number of custom object imported

    Hello, every time I am try to import custom object in my project I can only import 4 custom object.. after that my object stop to show up in the scenery menu... but they have been load correctly..is there any limit of custom object.. or i'm doing something wrong? As you can see from the search...
  11. Z-Man Barzell

    Unable to Build StandaloneModule C++

    I have been trying to build the StandaloneModule in C++ using Visual Studio Professional Version 16.8.4 but have encounter multiple errors associated to the following headers: C:\MSFS SDK\WASM\wasi-sysroot\include\stdint.h C:\MSFS SDK\WASM\wasi-sysroot\include\bits/stdint.h C:\MSFS...
  12. kevinmdavis2010

    CFG Files

    Good evening, everyone! At first, I joined this site to learn about designing and editing airports when I used P3d, which had very outdated versions. However, since FS2020 uses satellite imagery along with the fact that buildings are solid objects now, so you can land on the roof of any...