P3D v4 Deleted micro exclusions what to do?

Those are not autogen buildings, they have been placed there in a .bgl file.

So, I would check if there are any other .bgls of that airport installed?

Have you made an ADE bgl of the airport and put it in the scenery folder and deleted the buildings if they are stock?

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Oh dear, put another exclusion rectangle in over where they are?

You'd have to do one for the autogen there also.

I would put another type of landclass there, one without trees and stuff, as it looks a bit out of place.

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An exclusion rectangle should do the trick. The only way to delete the micro exclusions is to open the saved .bgl that ADE has generated and re-compile it. Why have you done this?

I probably would just open the stock .bgl and start from scratch, it's only a small airport.


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Makes a copy of the project file then use the following:
  • Tools > Remove Stock Data followed by
  • Tools > Load Stock Data
This should restore missing micro excludes. You may then need to remove some buildings etc from the revised project. The only way I know of removing micro excludes is to load your revised airport from the bgl file. in ADE we do not do that but always load and save the project (.ad4) file
I always load the project file from ad4 format.
Second I didn’t knew that those micro exclusions even exist so I deleted them because I thought I don’t need them


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Hmm they shouldn't be visible in the ADE project file. Perhaps there is a bug that lets them show