FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes


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Wow this is looking better by the day! Can't wait to fly it! But may I just say: Sergio, the title of this thread "she's slowly getting some shapes" really is an understatement. This is realy more then just "some shapes" mate!
It looks really nice!
Hello lads!

You're doing a wonderfull job in the FSX department; you ol' wizzard! LOL :wizard::wizard::wizard:

Thanks for your kind words, as you may see I am not alone! Nate, George and Tom Woods are giving her their best effort as well.

Good afternoon and happy holidays!
Hello all

Thanks to Naruto-Kun, Luka and Au_MaV, I've finished the first serious proposal for the VC. They helped me to reduce the ridiculously absurd number of entries in the VC (from 11 to only 2!). Also, the performance of the helicopter -in regard to fps- has been incredibly enhanced.

If you have been following this post, you will not tell the difference between the high resolution in the former eleven planar polygons from now. Also, I did some fixes to the overall night textures:





I hope you like it,

P.S. all are working gauges; not just images!
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A W E S O M E ! ! !

Looks fantastic, pristine and clear.

This is the best learning curve in FS developing I have ever seen in a project started from nothing else that a basic idea!!!

My regards to you Sergio and your outsider "teachers" :wizard:

Hola Martín.

Muchas gracias por seguir muy de cerca el proyecto, aún no termina y por ahí Tom junto con George les tienen muchas sorpresas preparadas; incluyendo varias texturas.

Thank you very much for closely following this project, however it isn't finished yet and Tom beside George still have many surprises prepared for you; including several textures.

Saludos / Cheers!
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More work on the Bell 429 (FSX) today. I received 7 new texture sets for different operators of the 429, all real world with this being one of them thanks to Tom Woods (bluebell). And work continues.... :D
2016-3-21_16-40-41-943.jpg 2016-3-21_16-39-38-299.jpg 2016-3-21_16-39-7-476.jpg 2016-3-21_16-38-54-217.jpg 2016-3-21_16-38-34-948.jpg 2016-3-21_16-38-9-780.jpg
Hello lads

Look what I found inside an Easter egg this morning. Our dear friend Tom has been busy with the "pain" kit! He is too formal, very polite and modest to invade this post; so I will brag in his name :D:D:D
Look his fantastic liveries:



And this one... he made this real world scheme spacially for me (thanks a millon Tom ;))


I have one word for Tom: PERFECT!!! :p:p:p


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Can I request a scheme? Our state police operates 2 and is the first law enforcement agency in the world to operate the 429 in 3 different roles (SAR, ABLE, HEMS). Here are sample pictures (not mine) of the Delaware State Police Bell 429 N1SP (Trooper 2) and N2SP (Trooper 4). I have all logos minus the Bell 429 logo on the tail and additional photos, I can do the proper model to go with the scheme(s). I would gladly appreciate this if possible :)
DSP_B429.jpg DSP_B429_Logo.jpg DSP_B429_Tail.jpg DSP_N1SP_01.jpg DSP_N1SP_02.jpg
Hi George!

Please send me the graphical material for reference. This is the first time I can see more clearly the cargo hook trestle in more detail; thank you.
On the other hand, I could appreciate that I didn't modeled all antennas in the belly... :confused:

Hello... again :ziplip:

In my end, I successfully made to work some of the caution lights in the dash panel. It is an "educated guess" on how they work: I am happy because I learned (in the hard way) how to do that (Fr. Bill Leaming "N4Gix", thank you for the hints in your several posts)