FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes


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1 mm weld works and - as long as you stay under the 65k poly limit - you can even export it into FS9 straight away as long as "WeldPoints" is set to "0" in the makemdl.cfg.
Sergio- here is my entry...
[4mm Scaling] // this section only looked up for 4mm processing
ScaleFactor=32x // 16x or 32x
ViewDistance=10 // meters; adjust as needed
RescaleFactor=1 // 2 (default) or possibly 1, 3, or 4 (tut p. 23)
Hello lads

I mentioned this with George and I will ask you the same; before that, I'd like to mention some things:
I am concern about one thing. I have no clue on how to animate or at least have a mouse spot in a 3d gauge (without having a lot of "planars" suitable placed). This method would be the one to proced for me in the case of the MFD's, bacause I know where the buttons are and what actions they will perform in each gauge; a very different thing will be positioning the Garmin suite. In the second case, I have a "cruel" lack of knowledge.

In short, should I let those areas cleared of useless 3d objects? I mean this, because many people like to mess with gauges (like me LOL) and use some payware of freeware on this locations. The 3D VC is start to look good...



Let me know what you like me to do...
Are you planning on a 3D GPS?

Looking good btw, maybe I need to install FS9 again....

Thank you; maybe you won't need to do it. George kindly offer his help to make the 429 FSX's native model(s). Like I said, I don't have the knowledge to program a GPS. I can model it of course, but the 2d GPS hotkeys wouldn't be accesible from the VC.
I'm sorry, I totally misread your post :banghead:

I don't know much about coding, I have to learn it myself. But maybe it is possible to use 2D buttons in the VC. I have a payware model with 3D buttons, but they do not have an animation.* So I guess it is somehow possible. (I'm going to try it on my model, if I can find out how :rolleyes: )

Good luck!

*okay, they didn't do it on a GPS, but a radio...
You could model the GPS in 3D and just map a 2D gauge to the whole mesh. Credits to this post. So it's basically just a VC $texture, but with contour ;)
Additionally, you could then tag the GPS mesh with a visibility tag, so that users who do not want the 3D GPS can remove it.

I don't really understand your other problem with the switches though..
Thanks lads

SierraB, I'm overwhealmed with the visibility tag... just don't know how to do it. Remember, I am a newbie in this hobbie... but I will do my best.

Hello SixGhost

Yes, I think you're right and I went too far in those details. Nevertheless, the whole model including crew is aprox 138,000 polygons. So, I have a little room to explore. Thank you; I was reading your post and I think I still have much to learn regarding balance and appearance.

On the other hand, FSX and FS9 seems to handle it well (As you kindly pointed, it's far to be efficent :oops:). Keep up the good work in your excellent project and don't stop coming here to give some hints :D

Kindest regards,


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Sergio, the true beauty of any project is the dedication you put into it. That dedication is truely showing here and I'll be keeping an eye on it with pleasure! Keep up the stellar work!;)
I forgot to give the Gauge credits:

Thomas Röhl
Jordan Moore
Jean-Pierre Langer
Arne Bartels
Milton Shupe
Ken Mitchell
Don Kuhn
Uwe Inger
Manuel Gonzalez
and me...

Thomas, Jordan and Mr. Mitchell are allowing me to use their gauges and codes. Hopefully, Jean, Arne, Don Kuhn Manuel and Milton kindly would do the same.

Take care and have fun!
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Just to show you that the model paintkit hasn't changed in the former parts, this one took me about 5 minutes update the original art work done by you
(also, the model has been updated):



Also, the police version(s) have been updated. I'll show some shoots asap.